Systems Open Calls

See the Alliance Meeting Calendar for upcoming open calls.

All Alliance member staff are welcome at the open calls. If you have a question to ask or an issue to bring up with the community, contact the Systems Program Manager or use the Anonymous Ask form!

Recordings and minutes from recent open calls are linked below. Clips of short presentations are extracted on the Systems Open Call Demonstrations page.

September 15, 2022Recording (23:00)MinutesOpen Call Transcript
Chat Log
August 18, 2022Recording (36:12)MinutesOpen Call Transcript
Chat Log
June 16, 2022Recording (39:22)Minutes
May 19, 2022Recording (1:06:51)Minutes
April 21, 2022Recording (25:06)Minutes
March 17, 2022Recording (21:22)Minutes
February 17, 2022Recording (26:26)Minutes
January 20, 2022Recording (35:04)Minutes

Recordings from previous years are available in Open Call Recordings (Google Drive).