Policy: Suppression of Records in Alma


At times, it is necessary for Alliance members to suppress records in Alma from display to Primo users. Improper suppression can “leak” up to the NZ and prevent the record from displaying in all members’ Primo instances – even those with unsuppressed records.


Alliance libraries are allowed to suppress IZ and NZ-linked records at the holdings or bibliographic level, as needed. Note that suppressing at the bibliographic level may adversely affect collection analysis and statistics, but suppressing at the holdings level does not.

To avoid improper suppression, when creating new records that are to be placed in the Network Zone, members must Save the new record before using the Record actions > Management Tags > Suppress from Discovery tag to suppress the record at the bibliographic level in the IZ without affecting the NZ.

Host bibliographic records for bound-withs in a library’s IZ should be suppressed, because it reduces confusing displays in Primo.


Written by: Collaborative Technical Services Team

Approved by: Shared Content and Technical Services Team on 3/10/2023

Last updated: 3/10/2023

Nature of last update: Updated policy to reflect current Alma functionality

Document History: Originally approved by Collaborative Technical Services Team on 11/12/2013. Revised in December 2014. Justification added April 2021. Revised February 2023.