Best Practice: Sharing Import Profiles to the Community Zone


Following shared naming conventions will allow Alliance libraries to easily identity other Alliance import profiles shared with the Alma community. This will help create efficiencies and contribute to collaborative work.

Best Practice

For Import Profile Titles Shared to the Community Zone

  • Begin all contributed profiles with OCA
  • If the profile is for a particular package or vendor, etc. after ‘OCA’ start the name with that package or vendor, e.g., ‘OCA Naxos …’ or ‘OCA YBP EOCR …’ or ‘OCA EBL …’

Note on Functionality in the Network Zone

The Contribute import profiles process doesn’t work in the NZ environment because the Use Network Zone setting of “yes” is changed to “no” when contributing an import profile to the Community Zone. As there is no way to change the Use Network Zone setting after an import profile is copied from the Community Zone, this contribute function isn’t useful for any import profiles we need to load to the NZ.


Software: Alma

Status: Approved

Written by: Technical Services Working Group

Approved by: Technical Services Working Group on 2/16/2016

Nature of last update: minor update

Document history: Note on functionality in the Network Zone was added on 11/08/2016 after testing by Milly Williams.