Taylor & Francis Evidence-Based Acquisitions (EBA) – FY18

One of two new ebook acquisition models for fiscal year 2018, a new evidenced-based program with Taylor & Francis for purchasing e-books on behalf of Orbis Cascade Alliance member libraries. Approximately 21,000 DRM-free titles were covered in this arrangement, representing humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields. T&F/CRC Press agreed to partner with GOBI Libraries services so that program titles appeared in GOBI to aid members in avoiding unwanted duplication.

Taylor & Francis content with publication dates from 2013 and CRC imprints were available on the combined UBX platform, released in fall 2018; encyclopedias and “textbooks” were excluded from this model. (T&F never fully defined or provided a list of textbook exclusions.)

Individual Alliance members could elect to purchase additional T&F or CRC ebook content for their own collections at a discount of 20% off the individual institutional list price after the term of the pilot through March 30, 2019. T&F title discounts were reflected in GOBI.

The year of the pilot ran through June 30, 2018. The Alliance selected perpetual-access titles based on vendor usage data at the end of the period. The T&F EBA plan was discontinued in FY19, with funds subsequently invested in the Oxford “Bridge Plan,” followed by the Cambridge STM EBA (FY20) and AVON streaming video (FY21 and FY22).

Contact Taylor and Francis for more information on individual purchasing.


T&F supplies COUNTER 5 statistics (see below) through their ebook platform. Individual Alliance member institutions can pull their own statistics or request statistics from T&F directly. Please note that there is no consortial dashboard or central access for Alliance statistics: institutional statistics cannot be accessed by central Alliance staff.

Also, T&F is unable to provide consolidated consortial statistics. There is no automated process or dashboard where such statistics are compiled. T&F typically does not have the staffing to manually compile such statistics in a timely manner. Past consortial reports, when provided, have been extremely inconsistent.

UPDATE: T&F started supplying COUNTER 5 statistics in January 2019 in addition to COUNTER 4 statistics. However, effective March 31, 2021, T&F will provide COUNTER 5 statistics exclusively.