Cambridge STM EBA – FY21

This pilot plan provides complete access to all Cambridge STM content from 1919. Purchases of permanent-access titles will be made using an evidence-based acquisition (EBA) model. The access portion of the plan is available from April 2020 through June 2021. Titles acquired at the plan’s end are permanently accessible. Records are managed centrally via the Alma Network Zone (NZ).

Cambridge offered a 10% discount on individual institutional ebook purchases for Alliance members for the duration of this plan. Titles must be ordered direct from Cambridge. (Offer does not apply to titles purchased through GOBI.)

With the conclusion of the Alliance STM EBA, Cambridge is offering institutional EBA plans (STM, HSS, or Comprehensive) to each member. Details of the institutional EBA were communicated to each Alliance member institution by Savannah Lamb at Cambridge University Press.

Dates and Budget

Plan Dates: April 2020-June 2021

Year 1 Selection: May 2021 (Usage April 2020-April 2021)

FY 2020 budget: $295,000