Academic Video ONline (AVON) – FY21 and FY22

AVON Overview

The Alliance started a two-year agreement with ProQuest for the Academic Video Online (AVON) collection.

Bibliographic records should be activated by each institution in the CZ, like the Academic Complete ebook subscription. This collection is not managed in the NZ! PQ provided an Alliance-specific session on Friday, November 13. The session recording an slides are in the AVON folder (protected on Shared Drive).

Information about permanent access titles:

CZ Records

  • The AVON team sends Alma the change files once per month.
  • The files are processed upon receipt.
  • Added/removed titles are reflected in the CZ within 1-2 months (1 month for AVON team to catalog and send the file to Alma; then, up to 1 month for Ex Libris to process it).
  • ‘There has been a lot of recent focus and resources allocated to making this process more timely. That turn-around time is a huge improvement over last year.’

Performance Rights

Videos in AVON include Public Performance Rights. That includes permission for screenings by campus groups, as long as no admission is being charged.

The exception to that statement are titles by Film Platform PPR is available on those titles, but must be requested through Film Platform directly – All other titles in AVON do come with PPR.


Link to the ProQuest COUNTER 5 LibGuide:

Two useful sources are the Friendly Guide for Librarians as well as ProQuest Support articles for some more context. The information below is adapted from a COUNTER 5 Usage Reports support article on Metric Types.

  • Total_Item_Investigations: Total number of times a video or information related to a video was accessed. (So this includes video playback as well as reading descriptions about the video.)
  • Unique_Item_Investigations: Number of unique videos a video or information related to a video was accessed in a user-session. A video can only be counted once in a single session.
  • Total_Item_Requests: Total number of times a video was played.
  • Unique_Item_Requests: Number of unique videos played during a user-session. A video can only be counted once in a single session.
    • Example. If you watch a few minutes of Video A, read information about Video B, and then return to Video A during the same session to watch more:
      • Video A will have
        • 2 Total Item Investigations
        • 1 Unique Item Investigation
        • 2 Total Item Requests
        • 1 Unique Item Request
      • Video B will have
        • 1 Total Item Investigation
        • 1 Unique Item Investigation
        • 0 Requests

Perpetual Access

Allocation of Perpetual Access Videos

As part of the two-year agreement for the all-in Alliance Academic Video Online (AVON) collection from ProQuest, Alliance institutions will be allocated a total of 590 permanent access selections.
The Ebook Standing Group was tasked with determining a selection model, and considered several options options. The recommendation approved by the SCTS Team:

Distribution based on AVON usage. This model will use the same formula as the Alliance ebook funding model, but will substitute AVON usage for ebook usage. It was determined that this model will be the most equitable, but cannot be calculated at this time because there is inadequate AVON usage data. It is [now confirmed] that final token allocation for Year 1 (FY21) will occur in June 2021. (Updated 6/9/21.)

Selection FY21

The selection period for FY 21 will run from June 10, 2021 through December 17, 2021.

ProQuest has prepared a short video to help get people started. (Updated 6/24/21.) The following links are shared in the video:

The Alliance selection allocations for FY21 are:

Central OR6
George Fox9
Lewis & Clark10
Portland CC16
St. Martins5
Seattle Pacific9
Seattle U17
Walla Walla6
Warner Pacific4
Western OR8

Perpetual Access “Build By Choice” (BBC) FAQ

  • The Alliance deal runs from September 2020 through August 2022.
  • Alliance members will have an opportunity to select permanent access titles each year of the two-year Alliance deal.
    • The selection period for 2021 is June 10 through December 17.
    • Even though selections are made in 2021, members will retain access to all AVON content through at least August 2022.
    • Permanent selections are per institution. There is no “shared collection” of AVON titles like there is for ebooks.
  • Selections are allocated to each member institution according to the Alliance ebook cost distribution formula (see table above), consisting of four factors:
    • Equal share
    • FTE
    • Materials budget
    • AVON usage (FYTD)
  • Libraries will make their selections in the Admin Portal (
    • The BBC selection tool doesn’t require any additional training for BBC selections.
    • The BBC selection tool will display title-level usage. 
  • How access to AVON films that are perpetually purchased (in the future), but are dropped from the AVON platform, will work?
    • Libraries will have access to them, on the platform, they just won’t be accessible within the AVON database.
  • Will libraries get a file to download and host locally or will it continue on the AVON platform?
    • PQ will host and stream on their platform.
  • Is there a hosting fee if access continues via the AVON platform?
    • No, no hosting fees on Build by Choice.
  • How will discovery work if we utilize the CZ collection as presumably this film would no longer be included in the CZ collection?
    • PQ will provide MARC records for titles customers select through Build by Choice, and encourage libraries to add them to their catalogs and designate them as perpetual access
  • Would it only be discoverable in Primo if libraries create a local record? Would it still be searchable in AVON?
    • Yes, we encourage libraries to create a local record, to keep the title discoverable. It would be searchable on the platform but not within the AVON database.
  • Notification when perpetual access titles are dropped from the AVON platform:
  • Searchability in AVON for removed perpetual access titles: distinction between the AVON platform and the AVON collection.

AVON Contacts

Our AVON account team is:

  • Michelle Valiani (Primary Account Contact)
    Account Manager
  • Annette Parde-Maass
    Training & Consulting Partner
  • Sarah Brennan
    Sr. Product Manager – Video
  • Kathleen McLellen
    Lead Product Marketing Manager – Video