The User Testing Team

Depending on the size of your institution and available resources, you may take on several or all of these roles yourself or may be able to split the roles up between others. More information about how these roles perform can be found in the coordination and performing user testing section.


The person responsible for general communications and logistics for the test.


  1. Coordinates all internal and external communications
  2. Leads recruitment
  3. Administrates test incentives
  4. Coordinates logistics


The person responsible for guiding and leading test participants through the test.


  1. Works most with test participants
  2. Acquires test participant consent
  3. Explains the reason for testing and reviews instructions test participants should follow during testing, e.g. the think out loud process
  4. Answers questions from participants that may occur during testing


The person who observes and takes notes during the test.


  1. Sets up the test for every new participant
  2. Takes notes about participant’s behaviors, comments, errors, and completion (success or failure) for each task

Results Analyzer

The person who creates a meaningful report about the evaluation based on the testing results.


  1. Makes sure testing documentation is complete and organized before results analysis
  2. Analyzes testing results
  3. Creates user testing report

Users/Test Participants

The people who will be giving their time to support your testing.


  1. Be available for a maximum of one hour of testing


Who coordinates user testing?

Who are the testing participants?