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The E-book Program began on July 1, 2011 as the first consortial demand-driven acquisitions of its kind. Books are available to all 37 Orbis Cascade Alliance Libraries, and purchases are made by the consortium for perpetual access for its members. The program is facilitated by a partnership with YBP and EBL, and it is generously funded by the consortium membership.

In September 2014, the E-book Program grew to include an Alliance-wide subscription to ebrary's Academic Complete e-book database. This dramatically expanded the total number of e-book titles available to all Alliance libraries, including titles from publishers that do not participate in the DDA component of the program.

Many titles in Academic Complete are considered "backlist" titles, while the DDA program focuses on front list titles from a narrow list of publishers. Together they form a core set of academic e-books for all Alliance patrons.

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