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Established: 2016 September (predecessor, partly related group); 2017 September (current group)
Work Completed: 2018 June

Type of Group and General Comments
Project group. For more information, see the Team Structure page.
Finish and widely discuss objectives for digital collections in shared Primo with Alliance membership to come to shared objectives. Test Primo sandbox digital collections against shared objectives and recommend to ULC Team whether to move to production.


Outcomes to Produce
  • Draft objectives for digital collections in Primo
  • Discuss objectives with ULC community
  • Revise as needed; send to ULC Team with recommendation for adoption
  • Card sort on formats with end users (see user testing report for details)
  • Recommend approach to formats to Normalization Rules Standing Group
  • Alliance member testing in the Premium Sandbox against objectives
  • Recommendation: move to production/not
Level of Decision-Making Authority

(ULC Team will approve/not recommendation; decision about move to production will be made by the Program Managers and Team chairs)

2017 October-2018 February

Background and Context
Charge for Digital Collections Working Group (2016-17):“Work with CCD (now ULC) Program Manager and CCD (now ULC) Team to develop objectives for digital object search and display in Primo, analyze the level of end user satisfaction with those objectives, and measure current Primo functionality against those objectives… Due to factors out of the group’s control, this charge was modified to include developing objectives only. The Team moved the following to this year’s work: testing on remediated digital objects in the Alliance’s premium sandbox can proceed once objectives are distributed, discussed, and modified/accepted.”

Number of Members Needed

Skills Needed
Group members should have one or more of the following:
  • Experience conducting card sort exercise with end users
  • Ability to discuss objectives with membership and move toward shared vision
  • Experience facilitating user testing with Alliance members in Premium Sandbox
  • Facility with Primo search functions
  • Specifically seeking members from the Discovery & User Experience community
Also, see the chart on this page for overall expectations of all Alliance group members.