Archival Collection Discovery & Management Standing Group


The Archival Collection Discovery & Management Standing Group provided member leadership and vision for the Archives & Manuscripts Collections service, including Archives West and ArchivesSpace. Areas of focus included: efficient management and support of new features; changes in descriptive standards (EAD3) and metadata structures; and evolving service needs. The group worked with Alliance Central Staff to refine and recommend upgrades, changes, and replacements.


Established July 2021. The group was a merger of the Archives West Standing Group and the Archival Collection Management Standing Group. The group completed their charge in spring 2023.

Recommendations on EAD3

In 2016, the EAD3 Group submitted recommendations to postpone implementation of EAD3 in Archives West: Implementing EAD3 in the CCD Program: Final Report and Recommendations.

In 2021, the Archival Collection Discovery & Management Standing Group reviewed the 2016 decision. A subgroup determined that while the technical and infrastructure barriers for Alliance central were now minimal, the merits of EAD3 did not warrant the investment. The Alliance will continue to monitor standards development.