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January 2020. Previous iterations in 2016-2018.
Overview and FY21 Charge 
The DPLA Project Group will review the Alliance”s progress on development of a DPLA service hub, examine the long-term viability of DPLA”s cultural heritage initiatives and hub service models, and analyze Alliance member interests and concerns. The project group will apply their analysis to a proposal that describes a sustainable service model for an Alliance hub, including consideration of cost, issues surrounding equity, and staffing available. The project group will support the ULC Team and Program Manager in defining local and central resource requirements for sustaining an Alliance service hub.

The project group is expected to begin meeting in January 2021, and to complete their work in summer or fall 2021.
Outcomes to Produce:
Contributions to a proposal for sustaining the Alliance”s DPLA service hub, to be approved by the ULC Team and presented to the Alliance Board (Anticipated late spring 2021)
Recommendation of an ongoing role for a standing or project group in FY22 (Anticipated April 2021)