Alliance News: Winter 2023

Alliance News: Winter 2023 (PDF)

Call for Proposals:
Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting

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The Orbis Cascade Alliance’s Summer Meeting will be held virtually July 18-20, 2023!

Our theme is Community-Collaboration-Change. The Summer Meeting Program Committee seeks program proposals that explore areas of this theme in a variety of contexts. The committee welcomes proposals from members at any level and from all libraries. We welcome work that is in progress, inspires us to explore areas in which we are not experts, and will help us grow as professionals and libraries. There are many paths for sharing experiences, and the Alliance is able to accommodate a multitude of formats.

Please submit individual or group proposals through our proposal form.

Submissions are due March 31, 2023 by 5pm.

Questions? Contact Amy Coughenour or Elizabeth Duell.

Summit Renewals for the Win!

Implemented in January of 2021, the Summit renewals program has been a huge success, saving our researchers and library staff time and effort. 

Since implementation, the percentage of Summit loans with renewals requested by the user is consistently above 40%. The percentage of those renewals that were successful is consistently above 85%.  With nearly 50% of our Summit loans renewed for an additional 6 weeks, renewing researchers saved the effort of returning, re-requesting, and waiting for their materials to come back. Library staff saved the time and effort of processing returns and second requests for those same materials.

Summit Renewals – Requested and Successfully Filled

Table and bar chart. Renewals Requested 2020/2021 44.3%, 2021/2022 46.7%, 2022/2023 41%; Successful Renewals 2020/2021 91.5%; 2021/2022 87.1%; 2022/2023 91.2%

Although Summit loans have declined since the beginning of the pandemic, a large portion of the decrease may be attributable to the advent of the Summit renewals policy. 

Thanks to all of you for making Summit an even better value for our students, staff, and faculty across the Alliance!

Outstanding Growth and Value in Shared Ebooks Collection

The Alliance’s shared ebook collection is continuing to grow! The collection of owned books is approaching 19,000 titles, with nearly 5,000 titles in our legacy collections (EBL/PQ Demand-Driven Acquisitions (DDA), Taylor & Francis/CRC, and Cambridge STM) and almost 14,000 titles in the ongoing Oxford and Wiley collections. With the exception of the legacy demand-driven acquisition (DDA) titles, Alliance-purchased ebooks are digital rights management (DRM)-free.

Additionally, the ProQuest Academic Complete & University Presses subscription complements the permanent-access purchase plans with access to over 225,000 titles. The ProQuest subscription package includes 170 university presses and 32,700 DRM-free titles, with almost zero duplication between the package and our Alliance-purchased titles. 

As part of a two-year assessment project, the Ebook Standing Group (ESG) has identified the top subjects being used from each of the current content providers:

Table listing top subjects from top content providers. Wiley Frontlist: Chemistry, Psychology, Business and Management, Statistics, Veterinary Medicine; Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO): Philosophy, Religion, History, Political Science, Medicine and Health; ProQuest AC and UP: Social Science, History, Medicine, Business/Management, Education

The ESG’s calculated value of these collections is outstanding: the PQ subscription package is discounted 76% for all-Alliance access, and purchased Wiley and Oxford ebooks are discounted 95% and 97%, respectively. Cost per use of subscription titles across the Alliance is $0.07 for ProQuest; $0.36 for Wiley; and $3.66 for Oxford: Because Oxford titles have been new frontlist purchases in predominantly humanities and social sciences subjects, it’s anticipated that cost per use will continue to diminish over time.

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