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Are you ready for the Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting? This issue of our newsletter brings you a closer look at this biannual event. Don’t forget to register by July 9th!

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Josie Ragolia, Chair Summer Meeting Program Committee
The Summer Meeting program is planned by a creative and hard-working committee of Alliance member staff. Chair Josie Ragolia (Pacific University) tells us more about what goes into their work.

1. Tell us about what you do at Pacific. I’m the Student Success Librarian at Pacific University – I currently oversee our university’s peer-tutoring center that’s housed in the libraries, and am the head of our Access Services department. In the very near future, my role is shifting a bit and I’ll be focusing more on library instruction and outreach along with continuing my work with our peer-tutoring center.

2. What made you volunteer to chair the Summer Meeting Program Committee? What’s involved in leading the committee? Being a member of the Alliance’s new Equity Exploratory Committee this year was a great introduction to working within the Alliance, and I was excited to chair the Summer Meeting Program Committee as an extension of that work. As someone who hadn’t attended past Summer Meetings because the content didn’t always apply to my work, I was interested in working to create programming that engaged all member libraries’ staff, not just those who work in specific areas. I’m also relatively new to the Alliance, so it was a great opportunity to get more involved and work with folks from other libraries, and to learn a lot more about the work of the consortium.

3. Who should attend the Summer Meeting? What will they get out of it? Everyone! As we’ve mentioned, this year’s meeting is quite different from those in the past. We have programming that applies to nearly every area of library work, and many sessions that focus on big picture organizational questions and issues. We’re lucky to have an outstanding group of external speakers offering their expertise and perspective from outside of the Alliance, which will really enrich the experience. I anticipate that attendees will leave the Summer Meeting with some great ideas for things they can do at their own institutions, as well as ways they can get more involved with all of the EDI work that the Alliance is doing. I hope that attendees feel a sense of connection from a shared understanding and engagement around some of the core EDI issues in our field. Most of all, rather than functioning as a discrete, one-time discussion, I hope that the Summer Meeting acts as a springboard, prompting attendees to continue the conversation and to think creatively about how we can actively integrate EDI into all of our work, collectively and individually.

4. The meeting theme is Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. How did the theme influence your committee’s work and decision-making? Were there issues or ideas that were particularly inspiring or challenging? The theme of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) for the meeting really shaped all of our committee discussions and decision-making. Our committee had many conversations about various EDI topics and their intersections with our work and, not surprisingly, we were overwhelmed by the number of topics we wanted to include in the Summer Meeting. Our biggest challenge was paring things down into a program that (hopefully) feels comprehensive without being overwhelming. In addition to seeking out programming related to our theme, our planning committee really framed all of our work through an EDI lens, paying close attention to questions about representation, access, and impact (among many others!) as we went through the process of developing the program.

5. Any other thoughts to share, or anything you wish I’d asked?

I’m just really excited about the program we were able to develop! I hope that every Alliance member can find at least one session they’re enthusiastic about attending, and that attendees come away with a new sense of direction and inspiration for EDI work, as individuals, institutions, and as a collective consortial work force.

Thanks to all of our program committee members! Josie Ragolia, Chair (Pacific University), Margaret Alexander (University of Oregon), Shelley Carr (University of Idaho), Hannah Crummé (Lewis & Clark College), Mary Grenci (University of Oregon), and Robert Perret (University of Idaho)

Summer Meeting Welcomes National and International Speakers

Summer Meeting has always been a time for the Alliance to celebrate consortial accomplishments, and recognize the work of our members. And this year we have over a dozen sessions highlighting the work of Alliance institutions. But we also have something new this year: An inspiring group of national and international leaders presenting on high-impact local work and collaborative successes.
Valuing Diversity in Our Libraries
Trevor Dawes (University of Delaware)
July 13, 9:15-10:15am

Trevor A. Dawes has worked in the academic library sector for over 20 years developing and providing a range of service-enhancing training and professional development opportunities that positively impact library-wide projects and programs. In his talk, Dawes will examine how libraries have described their diversity efforts as well as how they have lived up to the promises.

Challenging our Biases in Hiring
Sofia Leung (Do Better, Be Better)
July 13, 11:15-12pm

Sofia Leung is a first-generation Chinese American librarian, facilitator, and educator and the principal of Do Better, Be Better LLC. Her one-hour introductory workshop will explore how our biases show up in some of our hiring processes and practices. We will discuss how we can start to recognize how and where our biases are present and strategies to prevent our biases from working in conjunction with systems of white supremacy and racism.

Reflecting on Publishing and its Processes to Set Goals
Charlotte Roh (University of San Francisco)
July 13, 11:15-12pm

Charlotte Roh (she/her) is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at the University of San Francisco, which resides on Raymatush Ohlone land. Her workshop asks participants to reflect upon their own publishing goals, relationships, and authorities in order to understand better their own needs and how to navigate the scholarly ecosystem.

Creating Strategic and Embedded Diversity Practices
Andrea Jamison (Illinois State University, Chair for ALA’s Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Roundtable)
July 14, 9-10am

Andrea Jamison is an Assistant Professor of teaching and learning at Illinois State University. This conversation will discuss re-conceptualizing diversity in order to move beyond ad hoc programs that aren’t intrinsically embedded as part of institutional core values and daily practices.

Ethics, the Catalog, and You: How the Cataloguing Code of Ethics Can Inform your EDI Initiatives
Beth Shoemaker (Emory University), Diane Pennington (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow), Jane Daniels (Cardiff Metropolitan University), Karen Snow (Dominican University), May Chan (University of Toronto), Sarah Furger (Joliet Public Library)
July 14, 10:15-11am

The Cataloguing Code of Ethics, released in January 2021, is the culmination of several years of work by the Cataloging Ethics Steering Committee, in consultation with the international cataloging community. Members of the steering committee will provide information about the Code of Ethics, the process in which it was created, its emphasis on EDI, and the work still needed to raise awareness of the Code.

To Measure is to Know…Maybe
Mark A. Puente (Purdue University)
July 14, 12:15-1pm

DEI Metrics and Emerging Practice
Mark A. Puente (Purdue University)
July 15, 12:15-1pm

Mark A. Puente currently serves as Associate Dean for Organizational Development, Inclusion, and Diversity at Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies. These two “Lunch & Learn” discussions will consider the complexities of measuring progress in DEI, and provide an overview of approaches to assessing DEI frameworks.

Incorporating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Holistically in Consortial Work
Anne Osterman (VIVA) and Genya O’Gara (VIVA)
July 15, 9-10am

Anne Osterman is Director of VIVA, the consortium of the 71 nonprofit college and university libraries within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Genya O’Gara is Deputy Director of VIVA. VIVA will present their work to infuse EDI principles throughout its initiatives and programs.

Analyzing and Dismantling Library Systems: Putting in the Foundational Work of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
Elaine Westbrooks (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
July 15, 11am-12pm

Elaine Westbrooks is Vice Provost of University Libraries and University Librarian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Given the past year of racial reckoning, brought on by the killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, libraries have a responsibility to examine our systems, define inclusive leadership, and dismantle the systems of oppression in our organizations.

See you at Summer Meeting!

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