Shared Integrated Library System (SILS) Task Force 2020

The Shared Integrated Library System (SILS) Task Force will explore two major questions:

  1. the current Alliance needs and priorities around the SILS and
  2. the current integrated library systems environment and the best way forward for the Alliance in that environment, given the expiration of the current Alliance contract with Ex Libris in June 2023.


A report or series of reports with the following:

  • A high level summary of current Alliance SILS-dependent activities in all program areas
  • Alliance SILS development initiatives and future plans dependent on the SILS
  • Summary of Council priorities related to the SILS based on a survey of Council
  • Analysis of potential changes to SILS-related Alliance activities, with attention to opportunity costs for future initiatives/aspirations
  • A summary of the ILS marketplace with a focus on systems that could potentially serve the Alliance
  • Recommended Alliance action on the SILS through FY 2024, addressing the RFP for SILS and Investigate Open Source ILS strategic initiatives