Alliance Personal Information Change Guidelines

Orbis Cascade Alliance recognizes the importance of acknowledging and using chosen names and pronouns to facilitate an inclusive and respectful environment. Any contributor to the work of the Alliance may choose a preferred name and pronouns to be included in the Alliance’s documentation and in our work setting. We also invite persons who have a history of work in the Alliance to request updates to historic documentation with references to a previously used name/pronoun. Please use this form to request changes/updates.


  • Alliance central staff will make best efforts to identify and replace former names with chosen names. 
  • Only pronouns recognized by TSER will be accepted.
  • Any requested changes are applicable only within the Alliance work environment. Policies at your employing institution should be consulted otherwise.
  • Employees at the Alliance may need to list their legal name on certain required documents such as the W4 and I9 
  • The approval of requests is at the discretion of the Executive Director. Any concerns with the guidelines or implementation should be addressed to the Executive Director and/or Chair of the Board of Directors.
  • Personal information changes may appear on the Alliance website, in public documents, and via search engines.