Orbis Cascade Alliance Code of Conduct Incident Reporting and Investigative Procedures

Reporting Procedure

If you experience, witness, or are otherwise concerned about someone’s potential violation of the Code of Conduct or other potentially offensive behavior, and feel comfortable speaking with that individual, please speak with that individual directly. Oftentimes, the offending behavior may be unintentional, and the incident may be resolved by having an open discussion. In these cases, no reporting is required.

If you are not comfortable with self-resolution and direct engagement, if that approach is not successful, or if the alleged Code of Conduct violation is of such a serious nature as to preclude self-resolution and direct engagement, the Alliance strongly encourages you to file a formal report using the online form available on the Alliance website. Reports made through the online website will go to the Executive Director and the Board Chair. You may also report concerns directly to the Executive Director and/or the Board Chair.

If the Executive Director is informed of a complaint against the Executive Director, the Executive Director must share that information with the Board Chair and allow the Board Chair to manage the investigation. If the Board Chair is informed of a complaint against the Board Chair, the Board Chair must share that information with the Executive Director and Chair-Elect  and allow them to manage the investigation.


Once it has received a filed report, the Alliance will determine how to investigate the allegations. The Alliance will promptly conduct an appropriate investigation.  Alliance employees, member staff, Board officers, and Council representatives, as well as all volunteers, vendors  and others affiliated with the Alliance or who have participated in Alliance events are expected to cooperate in any investigation by providing truthful information to the best of their recollection.

The Alliance will not tolerate retaliation of any kind against those who, in good faith, make complaints under this policy or participate in the investigation of such a complaint.

At any point in the process, the Alliance, in its discretion, may attempt resolution of the report by informal means without completion of a formal investigation. If appropriate, a third party may be used to conduct the investigation.

The Alliance shall process, investigate, and make a determination on the report as promptly as possible given the circumstances. 


If a respondent or affected individual is not satisfied by the Alliance’s determination, the individual may appeal the decision to the Board Chair. Appeals must be made in writing within two (2) weeks of learning of the outcome of the investigation. 


The Alliance will keep all reports, including the reporting individual’s identity, confidential to the extent feasible and to the extent the needs of the investigation permit.