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The Primo Toolkit was a collaborative project begun in fall 2015 to identify and document commonly used customizations for enhancing and adding functionality to the Primo interface. The Toolkit covers a range of topics - from a guide to making changes in the Primo Back Office (PBO) to adding a permalink for search results in Primo. In 2017, the Primo Customization Joint Working Group added customizations to the Toolkit, focusing on the Primo New UI.

As Primo evolves, the need for some customizations will lessen and new customizations will be developed. With this in mind, the goal is for this Toolkit to evolve over time, with input from members of the Orbis Cascade Alliance. If you have feedback or ideas for additional items to include, feel free to send them to the Alliance's Ray Henry.

Toolkit Items

Primo New UI

Getting Started with the Primo Back Office
Modifying Primo's Look and Feel
Adding New Functionalities to Primo
Original Project Info
Duration: Fall/Winter 2015-2016
  • Nathan Mealey, chair (Portland State University)
  • Stewart Baker (Western Oregon University)
  • Kate Deibel (University of Washington)
  • Doug Eriksen (Seattle University)
  • Dawn Lowe-Wincensten (Oregon Institute of Technology)
  • Lesley Lowery, Discovery & Delivery liaison (Western Washington University)
  • Tamara Marnell (Portland Community College)