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Several Alliance libraries are loading EOCRs (Electronic Order Confirmation Records) from YBP”s GOBI into Alma. These records include YBP”s Unique Identifier (UID) in the 035 field. Having multiple 035 fields in records being loaded results in record matching errors, the need for manual handling, as well as duplicates in the Network Zone. EOCRs in the Network Zone also negatively impact loading Worldcat Cataloging Partners records.


The YBP EOCR Record Loads in Alma Group is charged with investigating the YBP EOCR load process into Alma. The Group will:
  • Identify any problems or challenges with loading YBP EOCR records into Alma
  • Determine if there are any improvements in the YBP or Alma systems that could make the process less problematic
  • Determine a path for communicating Alliance needs in this area – Ex Libris Salesforce case, YBP technical process change request, Alma enhancement request, etc...
  • Work with YBP and Ex Libris to develop workarounds until the requested changes can be implemented
TSWG will provide a liaison to the group. The liaison is a resource for clarifying the charge and will check in periodically to ensure that the group is on target to submit its report.


  • A report of the problems identified, changes requested from Ex Libris or YBP (including whether the changes were implemented or not), descriptions of any Alma enhancements needed to make the process effective (including draft requests), and descriptions of any workarounds identified.
  • Documentation for configuring and running these loads for use by all Alliance libraries that subscribe to this YBP service.
The report and documentation are due to the Technical Services Working Group by December 1, 2015. 


Based on the initial report (December 2015) and additional progress report (January 2016) TSWG has approved the group's continuing work on these issues.

Karen Kunz, Chair Oregon Tech
Cathy Chapman St. Martin's University
Julie Gaida Pacific University
Heather White Mt. Hood Community College (member through December 2016)
Milly Williams Portland Community College
 Mary Ellen Kenreich, TSWG Liaison Portland State University

 The group began meeting on October 26, 2015 and holds weekly meetings to conduct business.