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This workshop focuses on the building blocks of any standards-compliant archival description: forming according to Describing Archives: A Content Standard, 2nd Edition.

Before attending the workshop, please do the following:
Preparatory Assignment
Select a finding aid from your institution to work with throughout the series. An old or incomplete one is ideal; please do not use one that's already in Archives West. You'll use this finding aid for your homework assignments throughout the series. 

Be prepared to say a few things about the finding aid you selected during the first session. 

Homework Assignment
  • Using the finding aid from your institution, and The list of required DACS elements, and identify those elements. If there are elements missing, make a note of that.
  • Have an electronic version (e.g. marked up Word document, marked up by hand and scanned). You do not need to email this to the instructor ahead of time.
  • We will call on up to two people to present their homework in Workshop #2