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The Alliance is engaged in a development partnership with Ex Libris.  This effort, called a Center of Excellence or COE, is primarily comprised of software and service developments but also includes best practices, workflows, and policies.  The immediate task before us requires that we identify and agree on the distinct COE Initiatives we will work on together and the purpose of this short statement is to elicit the help of Alliance teams in envisioning the most promising areas for collaboration with Ex Libris.  

COE Initiatives are clearly not small tweaks, bug fixes, or even more routine enhancements, but rather bigger projects that enhance the impact of the work Alliance members do together.

As teams identify COE initiatives, you should be able to answer yes to most or all of the following questions

  • Is the proposed initiative important to most Alliance members?
  • Is it consortial in nature?
  • Will success have a large and positive impact on service to students, faculty, researchers, or staff?
  • Is it likely to be of lasting value?
  • Is it worth the investment of our time and energy to explore?

COE Initiative Format

Each proposed initiative should be described using the following template:

  1. Initiative: a name for the initiative
  2. Details: A concise description of the nature of the work and/or outcomes desired along with the definition of any key terminology that might be misunderstood or ambiguous.
  3. Alliance Leader
  4. Ex Libris Leader
  5. Alliance Participants
  6. Ex Libris Participants
  7. Timeline
  8. Objective
  9. Activities