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Ex Libris supports a System Status page that presents information on its shared cloud instances. You can customize this page to display only the environments that host Alliance services.

These are the instances that support Alliance production services:

  • Alma NA01 (Alma)
  • Primo NA00 (Primo)
  • PC CR01 (Primo Central)
  • bX CR01 (bX Recommender)

To save these settings, click the check box on each of the three lines and the Remember my instances button. On your subsequent visits to the page, only these instances will be displayed. 

Important note: From this page, you can set up email notifications to be sent to you whenever one or more of these instances experience problems or have scheduled maintenance. Click on the email icon next the instance name, as shown below:

System Status page - select for notifications

Follow the onscreen instructions to set up an update. You will need to confirm the notification by responding to an automatically-generated email message.