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Usability and Accessibility Resources

Alliance User Testing Toolkit

User Testing Toolkit: Created by the User Testing Toolkit Project Group in April 2018 to provide Alliance libraries with resources to perform user testing at their institution. The toolkit is broken down into the following sections:

  • User Testing FAQ and Resources
    • This page provides general resources for user testing.
  • Sample User Testing Documentation
    • These pages gather sample user testing documentation used by institutions in the Orbis Cascade Alliance and generic templates found in other user testing resources.
  • User Testing Overview for Librarians and Archivists: A Guide to Performing User Tests in your Library
    • This guide is for librarians and archivists who want to understand what goes into user testing coordination and implementation.
    • Supports how to perform user testing with any type of library and archives patron in order to understand what success and challenges they have with different kinds of interactive digital systems like online library catalogs, digital collections repositories, library websites, and finding aid repositories.

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