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The User Testing Toolkit is monitored and updated by the DUX Team. The User Testing Toolkit Project Group completed their work and are no longer active. 


An increasing number of Alliance libraries have either begun performing user testing or have an interest in doing so. There is an increasing interest in user testing resources.


The User Testing Toolkit Project Group (UTTPG) assists the Discovery & User Experience (DUX) Team in accomplishing its annual goals and priorities. The group will focus on building a user testing toolkit to support user testing at Alliance libraries. The toolkit should provide general user testing resources that can be applied across multiple systems/interfaces/areas.

Authority of group: performs operational work, make recommendations


  • Product 1: Curate general resources which may include how to’s, process information, software recommendations, and other relevant information.
  • Product 2: Solicit, centralize, and provide access to sample user testing documentation and summaries of findings from Alliance libraries as examples.
  • Product 3: Prepare sample questions, user tasks, scripts, or other information for libraries to perform user testing on the new Primo UI.
  • Product 4: Prepare and provide resources for instruction and reference staff to perform user testing
  • Product 5: A toolkit that includes Products 1-4 that can be applied across multiple systems/interfaces/areas. 


  • Begin recruitment in September
  • Group will develop a timeline and anticipated release of products, but a rough estimate is:
    • Work on products 1 and 2 for ~ 2 months
    • Work on products 3 and 4 for ~2-4 months


Approximately 5 - 8 members

Seeking members who possess experience, knowledge, or an interest in:
  • Experience performing user testing 
  • Experience working with different audiences 

Time commitment

1 - 4 hours a week on average

Holli Kubly, Chair 
University of Oregon
Hilary Robbeloth
University of Puget Sound
Kate Thornhill
Oregon Health and Science University
Kathleen Veldhuisen
Chemeketa Community College
Kathy Watts
Whitworth University
Rebecca Marrall
Western Washington University
Cassie Schmitt, ex-officio
Orbis Cascade Alliance


Discovery Documentation page contains links out to the User Testing Toolkit.

Final Report, May 18, 2018 (PDF)