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Policy Justification: This policy is to help avoid problems that may result from the use of this functionality where testing has revealed problems.

With the Alma August release we are now able to use the Brief level rule as part of the import process to Alma. There is a new setting found in the Match Profile tab of import profiles, and it is called: "Do not Override/merge a record with lower brief version"

TSWG recommends that institutions do not use this setting in their import profiles until solutions to problems discovered in testing are resolved. While testing did show that some of the functionality works as expected, it can be confusing to figure out when to use the setting and when using the setting could cause problems.

Our testing results have been shared with Ex Libris and the Alliance will work with Ex Libris through the COE Initiative.

Testing results are shared below, including when using the setting may work as expected.

Testing results:

Scenarios where functionality works as expected:

  • Using the setting in Repository import profiles that have a Merge setting in the Match tab and if the import isn't creating or changing inventory. 


  • Testing has revealed that using this setting when importing records to create or change inventory (physical or electronic) causes errors in POL creation and with the portfolio creation/update process. 

How this setting works (see Alliance documentation for more information):

  • When importing records to the NZ, this setting prevents an incoming record with a lower brief level (as assigned by the NZ rules) from overlaying a matching existing NZ record that has a higher brief level.
  • The NZ brief level can be different than the IZ brief level. Only the brief level in the NZ is considered when the import loads to the NZ. 


The 3-month implementation of Brief level rule in Alma has completed with the August release. You can read more about the history and settings of the Brief level rule in the NZ in the Alliance documentation. The brief level rule has been set in the NZ as detailed in the documentation. Brief levels were assigned to existing NZ records and all incoming records from Connexion or imports are assigned brief levels.

Software: Alma 

Current phase: Phase 5: Approved Written by: Milly Williams & TSWG
Approved by: Technical Services Working Group on 08/15/2016 Last updated:08/15/2016
Staff Contact: Cassie Schmitt Nature of last update: new policy

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