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March 17, 2016

Wiley Evidence-based Acquisitions Model Approved by Council

The Council approved the use of e-book funds to pilot an evidence-based acquisitions model with Wiley. As made obvious by the updates below, this news comes at just the right time! The E-book Working Group will begin negotiations with Wiley and implementation planning immediately, and the pilot should be launched on July 1st.

Attached you will find the proposal submitted to Council for their consideration. It had not been published to the Alliance website because it contained sensitive budget data. Be sure to keep this information within your institution, and don't share it with vendors.

Publisher Disruptions to DDA

Five publishers have recently announced changes that affect the Alliance's ability to offer their titles within DDA. We will need to eliminate the following publishers from our DDA profile:
1. Ashgate Publishing
2. CRC Press
3. McFarland & Co.
4. Morgan & Claypool
5. University of California

Morgan & Claypool and McFarland & Co will end their permission for including their titles in DDA and STL programs, respectively. The Alliance will be required to remove all of their unowned titles from DDA by April 15th. After that date, the titles will no longer be accessible to patrons.

Ashgate, CRC Press, and the University of California Press have implemented embargoes that eliminate short term loan access to their front list content. We will remove their front list content from our DDA pool since the titles are not accessible to patrons, and no new titles will enter to pool. Decisions about remaining content will be made later this year.

In total, 1,023 titles have thus far been identified for removal from DDA. The titles will be removed from Alma by April 15th, if not earlier, and usage reports will be made available for local purchase decisions.

YBP's GOBI and DDA Reconciliation

The upheaval in title availability means that Gobi needs an update to reflect our holdings. We are behind in this work and plan to conduct a reconciliation project in the near term to make sure that titles listed in Gobi as included in DDA are, in fact, in the DDA pool. You'll be notified when the work has been completed.

Owned DDA at end of FY2015

For your IPEDS reporting, I can report that the Alliance owned 2,171 DDA e-book titles as of June 30th, 2015 - the end of the Alliance's fiscal year.