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February 26, 2016

Evidence-based Acquisitions Pilot with Wiley

The E-book Working Group reviewed all of the potential alternatives to the current DDA program, and they have recommended that we pursue an evidence-based acquisitions pilot with Wiley. The Board favorably reviewed the proposal in February, and Council will cast its deciding vote at their upcoming meeting on March 11, 2016.

Wiley is a publisher that has demonstrated use and value across all institutions in the Alliance. It is used consistently in both DDA and in the subscription, and we are proposing that we take the money we would have spent on Wiley through ProQuest and spend it directly with Wiley.

There are several advantages to working directly with Wiley, including access to more titles, spending 100% of costs on purchases, and allowing us to keep a firm handle on our budget through the year. We look forward to Council's decision and planning for our implementation and evaluation of this experiment.

Collection Development Guiding Principles

The Shared Content Team's Statement of Collection Development Guiding Principles has been well received and will be considered for a final vote of endorsement by Council on March 11th.

The Team is to be commended for drafting a document that so clearly articulates the relationship between local and Alliance level collection development. The representative feedback was instrumental in improving the principles to fit the needs of libraries.

The Policy and Coordination Team approved the Principles on February 4th. The Board reviewed it the following week and recommended one change, currently under discussion at Shared Content. We look forward to Council's review.

Electronic Resources Staff

Margarita Wickham remains on extended medical leave, so the office continues to be short staffed presently. As I mentioned when Margarita first went on leave:
- I am managing renewals
- I can not provide any mid-year additions
- I can not entertain new product requests 

Please be sure to continue communicating about e-resources via eresources@orbiscascade.org, so those in the office who are helping me keep up have access to your correspondence, too.

DDA Facts & Figures

Active DDA Titles:
2611 Owned
9608 Unowned

Institutional e-book reports, including DDA and subscription use, are posted in a shared Google Drive folder.