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Established: September 2016 as Unique Collections in the SILS Working Group (predecessor); 2017 September as Unique Materials in the SILS Standing Group

Type of Group and General Comments
Standing. For more information, see the Team Structure page.
This group plays a key role in supporting the ULC”s charge to provide broad oversight and leadership for the development, stewardship, and dissemination of unique and local content, by its study of and response to issues affecting unique materials represented in the Alliance”s Shared ILS (SILS). Its approach to problem resolution will include examination and potential revision of both consortial and institutional practices. Issues of system limitations, effects on other materials, and institutional resources will be considered.

Outcomes to Produce
During this time period, the group will continue its work on resolving issues with unique materials in the SILS. Specific issues are documented in project charters (below). The group should work most closely with the Cataloguing Standing Group of the SCTS Team; there may be occasional cause to work with the Normalization Rules Standing Group.

The Chair is encouraged to contact the following individuals directly as it pursues its work to ask questions, set meetings, and other topics that facilitate productivity:Cataloguing Standing Group Chair: Linnea MarshallMetadata, particularly Alma focused, and if there’s any question about existing policy.Normalization Rules Standing Group Chair: Rose KrauseNRSG members can help determine the cause of issues if it is unclear whether they are caused by metadata, normalization, or are a local system setting. They will have little if any capacity for norm rules revisions during this time.Network Zone Manager Lesley Lowery For questions about what can be determined with Alma Analytics

The Interim Program Manager will provide some support for this group and the ULC Team. Please copy the Interim ULC PM and SCTS PM on all correspondence with SCTS groups.

Level of Decision-Making Authority
Set policy

2018 July-December

Background and Context
This group continues the work of the Unique Collections in the SILS Working Group, whose charge was as follows:
Study and characterize the issues with physical items represented in the SILS with MARC records including, but not limited to, rare books, oral histories, and newspapers. Identified the primary challenges to functionality and discovery, including metadata practices, infrastructure requirements, and local vs. organization-wide system configuration.
The group proposed solutions to the issues that could be addressed organization-wide including, but not limited to, changes in metadata practices, infrastructure, or that need to be submitted to Ex Libris for resolution.