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September 26, 2014

IMPORTANT: WEST - Submitting Holdings from Alma

By now, each of your institutions has received a call to produce holdings for the WEST annual collection analysis cycle. Alma does not export holdings for sets in a way that tracks closely with the WEST requirements.

Debra Spidal (WSU) and Sion Romaine (UW) have been independently investigating methods of data extraction in Alma to satisfy WEST's requirements. We have reached an agreement with WEST to supply them with records that do not meet their specs but will satisfy their need.

After some additional testing, Debra Spidal will be producing documentation for Alma libraries to use when exporting holdings information. We expect to share that by the middle of next week.

Cohort 4 libraries should plan to submit their holdings information per WEST requirements.

WEST extended our deadline for data submission to October 31, 2014.

DDA Records in C4 Libraries

Cohort 4 libraries are now able to delete the discovery records for nearly 5,000 turned off titles in the DDA program. After the libraries process the files, patrons will no longer find records with links to inaccessible content.

Alliance Job Openings

Apply to come work at the Alliance. We have two openings under recruitment: