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October 3, 2014

Language of Cataloging Policy

The official language of cataloging within the Alliance is English as described in a new policy approved by the Collaborative Technical Services Team. The policy document explains how to identify the language of cataloging in an existing record and what to do if it is in a language other than English.

Overlay Policy revised!

The Collaborative Technical Services Team approved a modification of the Overlay Policy.  It provides additional guidance for choosing records from the Network Zone, including an evaluation of brief bibs or records with the same OCLC number.

All current policies for working with Alma are posted on the Technical Services Program page and the Alma Policies page at the Alliance website.

Moratorium on Copying CZ records into the NZ

With the October 2014 release, there is a new functionality whereby institutions can overlay CZ records in the NZ.  Please do not try to overlay CZ records in the NZ nor copy CZ records into the NZ until the SILS Cataloging Working Group has had a chance to test this and find out the consequences of this functionality. Until such functionality is understood, all Alliance libraries should also set the ignore_cz_records parameter in the Oher Settings of the Configuration Menu to True.

WEST - Submitting Holdings from Alma

Thanks to the hard work of Debra Spidal (WSU), Sion Romaine (UW), and Jim Bunnelle (L&C), we have a set of instructions for collecting and exporting holdings information from Alma for WEST.

I will send a separate email later today to the CDMC and CTST-TSDG lists with details. If someone in your institution needs those instructions, please direct them to me.

Cohort 4 libraries should plan to submit their holdings information per WEST requirements from their existing systems.

WEST extended our deadline for data submission to October 31, 2014.

Alliance Job Openings

Apply to come work at the Alliance. We have two openings under recruitment: