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March 7, 2014

Principles for Working in Alma and the Network Zone

The Collaborative Technical Services Team recently approved a document summarizing the four most important principles for managing bib records in the Network Zone. (The principles are posted on the Technical Services program page.) The principles are:

1. The Network Zone (NZ) in Alma is the shared bibliographic environment for the Alliance. The goal is to have bibliographic records, brief or full, reside in the NZ with inventory attached.

2. It is important to avoid adding duplicate records (records with the same OCLC number in 035 $$A) to the NZ.

3. It is important not to change the OCLC number in an existing NZ record.

4. Editing of bibliographic records should be done in Connexion rather than Alma.

New Alliance Website is Live

On Tuesday, the Alliance went live with a professionally redesigned website. The Technical Services content is divided into two areas:

Programs -- Technical Services: This is where you will find policies and other documents important to the work of technical services staff. (There are also a Shared ILS and Collections program pages that may interest you.)

Committees -- CTST: This is where you will find the record of the committee's activities. Minutes are still sparse, but I continue to migrate them as time allows.

New site: http://orbiscascade.org

The old site is still functional if you need something you can find on the new edition: http://oldsite.orbiscascade.org

Technical Services Communication

Reminder! We now have a Technical Services Discussion Group mailing list! The intention is to provide a place for broad interaction among technical services staff across the Alliance. You may post questions or announcements for your peers.  

The list has had a small amount of traffic, so if you have seen no messages, you are not currently signed up. If you would like to join or remove your name, send a message to me (kfountain@orbiscascade.org) or Elizabeth Duell (eduell@orbiscascade.org).

Send messages to: ctst-tsdg@orbiscascade.org.


Kathi Carlisle Fountain
Collection Services Program Manager
Orbis Cascade Alliance