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January 10, 2014

Alma Developments for Technical Services

The Collaborative Technical Services Team submitted a list of development initiatives to the Center for Excellence Leadership Team. This team reviews, helps prioritize, and assigns teams to work on development of consortial functionality in Alma with Ex Libris staff. We have requested enhancements that include cooperative electronic resource management, better support for authority control, support for consortial-level Alma analytics, more transparency of institutional records, and collaborative print serials management.

DDA Records Update

The DDA technical liaisons have been kept to up-to-date by Bob Thomas about his work on DDA ebook record management. He has been working with OCLC to generate a master file of records in the DDA program for use in Alma for C1 and C2. This is in place, but he is still working out several kinks.

Policy Updates

There are no policy updates to announce at this time.

Upcoming Presentations/Publications

Do you have an Alliance-related collections presentation or publication coming up? Let me know so I can share it!


Kathi Carlisle Fountain
Collection Services Program Manager
Orbis Cascade Alliance