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August 22, 2014

New Alma Policies Announced

Summarized by Lori Robare, CTST Past Cataloging WG chair

Adding ISBNs to Network Zone Records: new policy

This policy specifies that when Alliance catalogers find NZ records that lack ISBNs, the ISBNs should be added to the WorldCat master record.

Alliance Policy for Numeric Character References (NCRs):  new policy

This policy specifies that Alliance libraries may supply parallel non-Latin fields only for scripts supported by OCLC.  Some scripts and characters that were not supported by OCLC in the past are supported now, so non-Latin fields using NCRs in those cases need to be upgraded.

Principles for Working with Alma and the Network Zone: revised

This statement of principles was revised to address new functionality in Alma as of the August release: an option to "Derive New Record."  A bullet point was added to say that libraries should not use the "Derive New Record" feature in the Metadata Editor to create new records for bibliographic resources in the NZ.

Alma Operational Policies: Reminder

The complete list of Alma Operations Policies is posted online. The dates of approval, and whether the policy is a revision are included.

Refer to https://www.orbiscascade.org/alma-policies for a full list.

Member Changes for Collaborative Technical Services

CTST said goodbye to several key team members this summer. Lori Robare (UO), Maria Wagner (PCC), Milly Williams (PCC), and Dalia Corkrum (Whitman) all stepped down. [Thank you Lori, Maria, Milly, and Dalia! We will miss your expertise.]

The full roster for the August-December 2014 iteration of CTST is in the works, but we have one important announcement.

We have anointed Tom Larsen (PSU) as our new cataloging guru to replace Lori Robare. He will serve as the Chair of the Cataloging Working Group through December! Lori fielded many questions from the Alliance community, and we'd now like you to direct those questions to Tom. You can reach Tom at larsent@pdx.edu