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Collaborative Workforce Program Manager

  • Oversee, coordinate, and assess training opportunities that serve all Alliance programs and services
  • Coordinate professional development opportunities
  • Identify training needs (from email lists, surveys, focus group/member interviews/conversations)
  • Develop and/or coordinate training to meet needs
  • Coordinates with Ex Libris regarding Alma/Primo training products and opportunities
  • Identification and development of trainers
  • Creates materials for trainer”s success
  • Manages access to training materials
  • Communicates with Alliance member staff regarding training opportunities (email, calendar, other)
  • Develop assessment mechanism for Alliance sponsored training. Coordinates post-training surveys.
  • Develop and supports guidelines and technology best practices for training modules and activities.

Collaborative Workforce Team

  • Provide CW Program Manager advice on training activities
  • Suggests individuals or groups suitable to lead, develop, or deliver training
  • Assist in training needs assessment for programs/teams

Program Managers (content) (with team input as needed)

  • Identifies training needs relevant to their program area 
  • Suggests individuals or groups suitable to lead, develop, or deliver training
  • As appropriate, serves as a trainer
  • Helps promote training opportunities

Events Coordinator

  • Researches, recommends, and coordinates venue logistics, technology, catering, etc. under direction of the CW Program Manager
  • Assists with scheduling


  • Works with CW Program Manager and/or PM (content) on learning goals/outcomes for training activities
  • Prepares training materials including any pre-work, exercises, homework, etc...
  • Performs training (in-person, webinar, etc….)
  • Prepares documentation as appropriate