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The Collaborative Workforce Program manages training initiatives and professional development opportunities for Alliance members. The Training Service focuses on needs directly related to Alliance work in support of current projects and initiatives.

The current (FY2016) focus is on training that targets the specifics of Alliance work including:
  • Alliance policies
  • Alliance best practices
  • Alliance-specific workflows
  • Institutional examples of procedures/workflow in the Alliance context
Alliance training is meant to complement rather than replace opportunities available from other organizations.

Please submit training requests via the Training Request form.

Training Service provides as appropriate:
  • Guidance on using technology to develop training objects
  • Guidance on curriculum design, developing exercises/testing, and other training products
  • Central location for training information
    • Guidance on file formats, naming, and linking
  • Logistical support including
    • Scheduling
    • Advertising/promotion
    • Posting/uploading to Training section of website
    • Pre-training surveys
    • Post-training surveys and evaluations
  • A list of training resources of interest available through other organizations