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The Technical Services Working Group reviews and maintains policies on this page. Any requests for revisions or exceptions should be submitted in writing to TSWG for review.

Bibliographic Record Policies

The Alliance Council first adopted bibliographic record mandates in November 2011, to facilitate the implementation of a shared library system. The policies below have been revised for the Alma/Primo environment. They are designed to meet national standards and best practices while facilitating work in a shared system. The policies are intended for use in the Alma Network Zone (NZ) and Primo; they do not apply to metadata in systems that do not interact with Alma or Primo. The policies are meant to be used with approved and published operational policies.

The policies are presented starting with the most broad (foundational) and moving logically through to those with a more narrow scope:

Alma Operational Policies

The Collaborative Technical Services Team developed the Alma Operational policies to protect Alma's database integrity and consistency. 

Network Zone:

Last update: 1/26/2017