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Overview of Primo Enhancements 2015 Redux Vote

As reported on Primo-L on Sunday, March 6, an additional ballot and vote is required to conclude the Primo Enhancements 2015 process. (For details on the reasons for this additional ballot,see the March 6 Primo-L email from Christian Haenger and Alexander Jerabek
.) ELUNA members will need to vote their ballot by March 27, 2016.

As with past ballots, the Alliance will vote cooperatively, allocating 70% of institutional votes to Alliance recommendations, and allocating 30% of votes as desired.

Ray Henry has agreed to reconvene the Primo Enhancements 2015 Working Group to develop an Alliance recommendation and guide the voting process within the Alliance. Institutional ELUNA representatives should watch for email from Ray and the Working Group in the next couple of weeks.

Information from Ex Libris following release problems, January through March

After March release install on production, there were immediately reports of multiple, active partners for some requests; multiple lending requests with the same external ID. From the March release install to 1:11 PMish / problem requests generated. Auto locate was then turned off by Ex Libris to mitigate the issue.

From Monday morning to early Tuesday morning, there was a moratorium on Shipping items in Summit, which is a very long delay given the service volume. Around 100 borrowing requests and 300 lending requests are at the center of reporting and problem resolution.

Ray Henry Jesse Thomas are following up.

At a regular Alliance meeting with Ex Libris this issue was front and center. It’s not clear what action will be taken. But issues that need to be addressed:

-Poor regression testing for production release by Ex Libris
-Monitoring of support cases immediately after a production release needs to be better (Alon Botvinik)
-Need to determine whether current Alliance testing environments are adequate; are six institutions sufficient for functional testing?

[Al Cornish, March 16:  Ex Libris has deployed a mimic QA Alma environment that will enable more thorough Alma release testing support prior to its installation on Alliance sandboxes, a week before the production installation.]

Update on Alma Enhancements Working Group 2016

The Alma Enhancements Working Group 2016 has been filled out:

  • Bonnie Parks, Systems Team, University of Portland, Working Group Chair
  • Al Cornish, Alliance Systems Program Manager
  • Cassie Schmitt, Alliance Collaborative Workforce Program Manager
  • Ray Henry, Alliance Discovery & Delivery Program Manager
  • Lori Hilterbrand, DD representative for fulfillment, University of Oregon
  • Kyle Banerjee, TSWG representative for cataloging, OHSU
  • Morag Stewart, TSWG representative for acquisitions & e-resources (UW)
  • Karen Spence, TSWG representative for serials/e-resources, PCC
  • Rose Sliger Krause, CCD representative, EWU
This group will begin meeting soon to develop the Alliance recommendation for the Alma Enhancements 2016 ballot.

SMS Notifications in Alma

Rose Carlson (Reed) gave an overview of her work with SMS notifications in Alma.

Pivot Tables in Alma Analytics

Mary Galvin (University of Oregon) presented on her use of Pivot Tables in Analytics for easy rolling-period reporting.