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  • Wade Guidry, University of Puget Sound
  • Al Cornish, Alliance
  • Alex Merrill, Washington State University
  • Blake Galbreath, Eastern Oregon University
  • Bonnie Parks, University of Portland
  • Nathan Mealey, Portland State University
  • Rose Carlson, Reed College

Agenda and Minutes

  • Primo Enhancements Working Group

    Discussion about need for two Systems Team members required for Primo Enhancements Working Group. Al Cornish will chair the group. As described by Al:

    I expect the group to have two 60-90 minutes web meetings in September to review approximately 200 requests on the software ballot. In the first meeting, the working group will create a survey for Alliance institutions to complete. This survey will include a subset of the total ballot requests. In the second meeting, the group will create the recommendation for Alliance voting, consistent with the attached membership proposal approved by the Alliance Board of Directors in January:

    The ELUNA Task Group recommends that of the 100 vote points allocated to each institution, 70 vote points be coordinated to represent our shared interests and 30 vote points be allotted to any separate interests the institution might have.
    This work could extend into October. If there is a second Primo ballot or if otherwise needed, a third web meeting for the working group will be conducted.
    This group will be cross-functional, and will include members from the other teams. So, it”s a great opportunity to get to know and work with others outside of our group. It”s also a great opportunity to increase your knowledge about Primo.

    Rose Carlson and Blake Galbreath volunteered will represent the Systems Team in this effort.

  • Primo Assessment Working Group

    Discussion about need for two Systems Team members required for Primo Enhancements Working Group.
    In short, the intent of this team is to assess Primo instances and implementations Alliance-wide, using surveys and other assessment tools, and to gather and share this information, for the purposes of informing future Alliance activities and initiatives around Primo.
    For a more exhaustive description of this working group, see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LPNXJhNfyOEqpl0k10PXyYxkbPkVcSWXQU-exqVAY20/edit
    Alex Merrill volunteered will represent the Systems Team in this endeavor.

  • Challenges with ExL responses on issues

    The team discussed the Priority Support Issues call with ExL, held the previous week on Sept 2:

    -11 cases surfaced by the Alliance on September 2 list
    -4 cases, Alma defect set to Development status, no timeframe for resolution (00161133, 00167548, 00134607, 00168421)
    -1 case, Alma defect sent to Development, fix delivery timeline not acceptable to and not defined for institution (00161093 - Also, ExL working on a possible workaround for institution)

  • Review of proposed Policy Workflow document

    See Al's August 12 message, request for comments, Alliance policy creation workflow (draft).

    During the August 6 Policy and Coordination Team meeting, Cassie Schmitt (Collaborative Workforce Program Manager) presented on a draft document that defines paths for creating an Alliance policy.
    This draft workflow document is available online. Your review and feedback is requested. Please send any comments that you have to Wade and me by the close of business on Monday, August 31. The comments to this draft workflow will be discussed at the September 3 Policy and Coordination Team meeting.
    Translation for abbreviations:
    P&C Policy and Coordination Team
    ED Executive Director for the Alliance
    PM  Program Manager (Alliance staff liaisons to teams)
    In this proposed workflow, the Systems Team and other teams will have the ability to propose a policy and have it approved. The review path will involve more steps in some cases. It's conceivable that a policy could be created and approved with Executive Director review. The Policy and Coordination Team will review proposed policies that impact multiple Alliance teams and programs. If there's a financial impact or it's a policy that could lead to inequities across the Alliance membership, the proposal will need to be sent by the P&C Team to the Alliance Board.
    Normal Board/Council Protocols:  The Alliance is governed by a Council of member library deans and directors, with leadership and fiduciary responsibility vested in a Board of Directors drawn from and elected by Council.  Council approves the budget and all strategic initiatives. (A key for the Board sending a proposed policy to Council:  Budget impact that justifies Council attention.)

    After discussion of this draft policy, it was agreed within the Systems Team that the policy looks good, with the exception that no suggested or expected timeframes were provided for each stage of the process. This feedback was submitted to the Collaborative Workforce program manager followign the meeting.

  • SLA Working Group update

    -Al reported that ExL has agreed to provide SLA reports for Primo, and that ExL still owes us SLA reports for Primo NA00, Q2 2015
    -He also stated that ExL has agreed that RCA Service reports (Alma and Primo) should and will be generated and distributed in a timely manner.