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Attendees: Nathan Mealey (Chair, PSU), Paul Ojennus (Whitworth), Curtis Wyant (Alliance), Kun Lin (Whitman), Tamara Marnell (COCC), Maria Kessler McShane (PU), Scot Harrison (Saint Martin’s), Stewart Baker (WOU). Absent: Al Cornish (Alliance).


  • Updates
  • Current known issues:

    1. Silent login: uses following an openurl from outside Primo, and who have not previously signed in, are being prompted for authentication before seeing results in Primo. This is highly problematic, particularly for in-building users, and has caused us to turn off this feature. PSU (240258) and UW (343141) have cases about this.

    2. LDAP anonymous authentication: no-PDS is allowing users to submit anonymous authentication requests, and may be overriding institutions' LDAP settings that do not allow anonymous authentication (this last part is not confirmed). COCC has a case about this (330079).

    3. Mobile sign-in not working: the sign-in form is frozen on mobile devices. Marylhurst has a case about this (3042669).
  • Survey for demo topics and prioritizing future demo topics (Blake)
    • Survey link
    • Priorities
      • October 12th: Intro to customizing the new UI (Kun)
        • Basics on customizing the new UI (how to upload a package, what you can put in a package, etc.)
        • Report on the APC JWG
        • Clarification on what to customize where (e.g. PBO settings apply to both UIs)
      • November 9th: Analytics (Maria)
      • December 14th: APIs when you don’t have a server (Tamara)
      • January 11th: Customizing the new UI in-depth including centralized customisations (?)
      • February 8th: no-PDS (Nathan)
  • We’ll include a monthly analytics highlight beginning with the December open call; Maria will lead these, or someone else who’s volunteered based on the topic
    • Update on ExL's planned phaseout of internal passwords stored in Alma
    • ExL timeline for phasing out passwords stored in Alma likely to extend into first half of 2018
    • The Ex Libris user groups (North America and Ex Libris) are working with Ex Libris to set up a small, highly technical task force to work with Ex Libris on the available authentication options and to discuss use cases
    • Ex Libris will be announcing the creation of this task force and more details soon
  • Ex Libris rolls out Alma Local Backup
    • Alma October release
    • Will be installed on Alliance sandboxes on Sunday, October 2. 
    • This is a maintenance release with minimal functionality included in the release. 
  • Alma enhancements process
    • All Alma enhancements that were submitted prior to February 19, 2016 (approximate) or were on the second ballot in the 2015 and 2016 enhancement cycles, and not approved for Development, will be deleted from NERS soon. Today, there are 965 Alma requests in NERS. The bulk of these will be deleted from NERS and the information (for these deleted enhancement requests) will be stored in an external spreadsheet. 
    • The Alliance will need to manage the review of requests and resubmission if needed. The rough timeline for submission cutoff is February 2017. 
    • Also, NERS will be able to support soon adding an attachment. That means that it will be possible to submit a Word document with the request information and screenshots (as opposed to the purely text description that's supported today).
  • Systems Team FY17 Goals
    • FY17 goals
    • Confirming and prioritizing
    • Moving forwards
  • Topics for next meeting
    • Systems Solutions Inventory
    • What should be tracked?
    • Examples: authentication mechanism, interlibrary loan software, etc.