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Systems Team
October 27, 2015 Team Meeting Minutes
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  • Wade Guidry, University of Puget Sound
  • Al Cornish, Alliance
  • Alex Merrill, Washington State University
  • Blake Galbreath, Eastern Oregon University
  • Bonnie Parks, University of Portland
  • Nathan Mealey, Portland State University
  • Rose Carlson, Reed College

Agenda and Minutes

November Priority Issues Meeting

  • Team discussed potential cases for the upcoming Priority Support Issues (PSI) meeting.
  • Candidate issues mentioned included:
    • 179704 (UPUGS), 176111 (Chemeketa) - Local requests for locally held items not showing up in "Pick up from Shelf"
    • 00181762 (PCC) -  Error after sign-in from dlSearch.do
    • 00173598 (REED) - Primo Cancel Requests Error (this problem also sometimes causes the request *not* to be cancelled in Alma)
Recap of Primo “Standardization” discussion at the Alliance Board meeting of Oct 15

  • Al and Wade provided a summary of the Alliance Board discussion of Oct 15 about Primo.
  • Discussion document was referenced during Board meeting
Recap of Primo SAML Authentication meeting of Oct 21

  • Wade offered a summary of of the upcoming opportunity in Primo authentication.
    • Starting with the Primo November 2015 release, both internal and SAML authentication will work directly against Primo, with no need for the Patron Directory Service (PDS)
    • On October 21, Wade, Nathan Mealey and Keith Folsom met with representatives of Ex Libris to discuss testing of the new authentication method in the Alliance standard sandbox
    • Wade and Nathan will be testing no-PDS Primo authentication in their respective standard sandbox environments, in the late November / early December timeframe
    • Following successful completion of testing, we can discuss how to to implement no-PDS Primo authentication in the Primo production environment
Recap of Alliance + Ex Libris Meeting of Oct 23
  • Wade and Al offered a verbal summary of the Alliance + Ex Libris Meeting of Oct 23.
  • Summary notes from this meeting.
Primo Enhancement Voting Update
  • Al provide a summary of the Alliance Primo Enhancement voting.
  • Final voting results in NERS were successful, from the Alliance perspective: All 10 of the Alliance-recommended enhancement requests appeared within the top 15 vote-getters in NERS.
Alma November release highlights
  • Alma November 2015 release will be installed in production on Sunday, November 15.
  • Enhancements of interest to the systems community that were mentioned during the meeting include:
    • Resource Management - FIlter Sets
    • Resource Management - Staff Search Enhancements
    • A Lending Requests API is being added