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Systems Team
October 13, 2015 Team Meeting Minutes

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  • Wade Guidry, University of Puget Sound
  • Al Cornish, Alliance
  • Alex Merrill, Washington State University
  • Blake Galbreath, Eastern Oregon University
  • Bonnie Parks, University of Portland
  • Nathan Mealey, Portland State University
  • Rose Carlson, Reed College

Agenda and Minutes
Primo Enhancements Voting

Al provided an overview of progress on internal voting for Primo Enhancements, and next steps and expected schedule for development of the Alliance voting recommendation.
Al expects the working group to have a voting recommendation released on October 14, leaving institutions with plenty of time to complete their NERS voting by the NERS voting deadline of October 23.
Primo Discussion at Oct 15 Alliance Board meeting
On the Alliance Board agenda for Oct 15  is a discussion about “Primo consistency and standardization across the Alliance”. In preparation for this discussion, Wade and Al prepared a short document covering some basic information about Primo. The board will have a chance to review this document prior to the meeting. At the meeting, Al and Wade will provide a brief overview of the information in the document. Following the brief comments, the board will have a chance to ask questions and participate in a general discussion about Primo.
Upcoming in-person meeting with Ex Libris
On October 23, select Alliance and Ex Libris representatives will meet to discuss some high level concerns of the Alliance.
The expected participants include:
  • Al Cornish
  • Faye Chadwell
  • Kathi Fountain
  • Wade Guidry
  • John Helmer
  • Cassie Schmitt
  • Bob Thomas
  • Jennifer Ward
Ex Libris:
  • Yair Amsterdam (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Matt Baker (Director, North America Support)
  • Someone from Alma development (TBD)
  • Melissa Hilbert (Vice President, Professional Services)
High-level topics for this meeting include:
  • Primo performance-related challenges
  • Challenges of using Primo to support discovery in the consortium context
  • Development visibility and the need for continued improvement in visibility, particularly as it relates to SalesForce cases
  • Challenges of using the Alma Network Zone at its current state of development.
Upcoming testing on PDS-free Primo authentication
Ex Libris has approached the Alliance about testing a new architecture for Primo authentication that does not rely on the PDS, but instead utilizes direct communication between SAML-based authentication platforms, such as Shibboleth and CAS, and Primo.

A phone meeting will take place on Thursday, October 15 between Wade Guidry and Keith Folsom on the Alliance side, and several people from Ex Libris. The purpose of the call is to plan the testing of this altered authentication mechanism in the University of Puget Sound Primo Standard Sandbox.