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1. FY17 goals recap (link)
2. Shared Systems Google Drive folders
Systems Team
Systems Open
3. Agenda for Wednesday’s open Systems meeting
4. Systems Solutions Inventory
  • Example: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xoJsHx_8lsF0cJIQ73rsyy5nEKwO5j6c994WfQ-l_ZQ/edit#gid=0
  • What should be tracked?
  • ILL systems in use and who has integrated with Alma via NCIP or lender-of-last-resort
  • Student information systems in use, and who has integrated with patron load, fines/fees, invoices/payments
  • Who is piping content into Primo/Alma and from what repositories
  • Who has successfully integrated the MARCEdit extension tool with Alma
  • Authentication mechanisms in place (Alma and Primo) and who has implemented no-PDS (Primo)
  • Self-checkout: who is using it and what system
  • Inventory related to API usage across the Alliance
    Action: Nathan will write-up a survey to set priorities and share with the team
  • Examples: authentication mechanism, interlibrary loan software, etc.
5. Update on Alma authentication change (phaseout of internal accounts with password stored in Alma)
  • Survey forthcoming from the Eluna/Igelu focus group
  • Need to ensure that Alliance libraries provide feedback, particularly libraries with high counts of internal users
  • Look into a way to use open calls to discuss Alliance use cases and ways forward
6. Possible work on Alma Web Services and APIs initiative
  • Reviewed by the team in 2015 (issues list)
  • Options are to work on some issues in a short timeframe or to not work on this initiative