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Nathan, Al (recording), Paul, Maria, Curtis, Blake, Tamara, Stewart


  • Alma November release

    • Social login: Available in the November Alma release, only works in the new Primo UI.
      Blake: Reliance on personal account for Facebook social login, as a backing account.
      Nathan:  Using Social Networks for User Authentication documentation, links to Facebook documentation. That is where this reference is.
      Action item:  Blake will try to find and socialize the Facebook documentation link.

    • Cloud IdP: Can use Microsoft Azure as an IdP for Alma and Primo.
      Can be used for free for up to 50,000 accounts.
      Question:  Should the Systems Team provide guidance to the Alliance”s Systems community?
      Blake:  Could inform the community that the Systems Team is not actively testing this.
      Scot, Maria Agreed.
      Nathan:  Messaging needs to be sent out to the Systems community on these functions.

    • Webhooks
      Nathan:  Limited delivery at this point in time. Described in Developer Network documentation.
      Blake:  Can”t think of a use for the delivered functionality.
      Nathan:  Potential for email delivery, added information (from API documentation).

      Blake:  SAML note in the release notes. What are the implications of this component? (SAML integration profile enhanced…)
      Action item: Nathan will investigate this development and report back.

      Blake:  Alma digital development for fulfillment. Development is intriguing. Kicking around idea at WSU, could ILL be performed in Alma?

      Action item:  Al will try to get the IGeLU slides on digital document delivery. (Customer presentations, not Ex Libris.)

      Nathan:  November Primo release will be installed on November 13; production release four weeks later.  

  • Note-taking for future meetings

    Nathan:  Proposes alphabetical approach for minutes taking.

  • Open Team meeting agenda

    For Open Call:

    Nathan :  Regarding ‘Mechanisms for sharing info about pipes’ item, looking for experience with Primo pipes, piping in external content from various systems. Question, how do they get help on pipes from other institutions?  

    • From Kathleen: I think what I want is to find out who else is using [local pipes] and maybe suggest starting a message group or list devoted to that subject. Maybe the systems group would rather that such specific questions go to the main group? I am interested in what they think and interested in being part of a specific pipe message board or list.

Stewart:  Could be covered in a presentation (example, Summer Meeting). Or a workshop.

Blake:  Cited workshop covered in a Hackfest as a model.

Nathan:   Could be a meeting demonstration. Not clear on the level of interest on this topic.

Blake:  Needs to be a longer, more involved presentation given the complexity of the task.

Action item:  Nathan will follow up with Kathleen and Shannon, explore a more thorough approach than could be supported for the 11/9 meeting.
Also, what is the right venue for this kind of question?

Alma internal account survey (Al)

Al provided a summary of survey status. Response to date has been slow (due date later extended to November 18).

Blake, on library preparedness:  The survey assumes that you can make a complete move to external authentication for all users. The question may confuse respondents. ‘I can”t give a positive answer to something I don”t know about.’

Nathan:  No solution(s) are mapped to this question.

Al Review of options known to date.

Scot There”s another option, Passwordless/token based authentication.

Action item:  Al will make an inquiry on question 19, Passwordless/token based authentication and try to get info before the open call.

Nathan Alma internal accounts report created by Curtis.
Curtis Needs to take into account expire dates. It does not today.
Action item:  Curtis will work on the Alliance report before the Open Call, to adjust for expire/active users.

Nathan Suggests referencing or using the UT Mike Rogers report on ALMA-L.

Submitted at this time:  Pacific/Maria, WSU/Blake.

Blake Is the Azure IdP of interest to team members?
Maria Possibly - also, query about Alliance-level service.
Al Described OHSU concerns on use of this kind of service; answer will vary across member institutions.

Continuing with Open Call planning:

Maria Analytics introduction demonstration. Interested in response to the session in planning future training. Taking canned reports and moving them into institution area.

Nathan  Could you copy a report to local folder and then customize it, then you get into report customization in OBIEE.

Nathan Future Analytics topics?
Bins, filter on a group instead of an individual item.

End of meeting