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1. Primo Toolkit Working Group update (Nathan)

Compiled long list of potential customizations
Sent out survey - everyone was interested in all customizations with small exception
Final list at this link
Goal: be done with documentation by end of Jan, 2016

2. Updates on Alma / Primo Enhancement proposal for 2016 (Al)

This report and recommendation will be considered by the Policy & Coordination Team at its December 3 meeting.

Action: Al will analyze the impact of the 30% vote that institutions made (in particular, the votes that deviated from the enhancements presented in the 70%) and report back to Systems, before December 3rd meeting
Al 11/25:  Al sent an analysis of the 30% impact on the Alma enhancements cycle, second ballot, to the Systems Team listserv; All will discuss the proposal with Wade on Monday, and finalize it - info must be submitted to the Policy & Coordination Team on November 30
Al 11/30:  Al talked with Wade and both agreed to stick with the 70%-30% split in the 2016 recommendation

3. Updates on November Priority Support Issues (PSI) meeting (Al)

The issues list and Ex Libris responses and meeting notes is online. Al will provide any updates and information on the planned December meeting.

November meeting lessons:
Number of issues will be reduced (20 issues, 35 cases)
Development questions will be submitted to ExL in writing

December meeting:
Al will present fewer cases with the highest pain points
Action: Al will provide Michele with info for participating in December meeting
Al 11/25:  Completed - Michele’s on the listserv and invited to the two December meetings. I have sent Michele an informational message on the meeting group’s work.

4. Brief description of the work-in-progress inventory being done by the Collaborative Workforce (Al)

Wade has included the following estimates in this inventory:

Action: Wade needs comments from team members regarding the hours he input for Systems Team members
Action: Al will inquire with Susan re Alma enhancements WG hours commitment
Al, 12/7:  Susan will be providing Al with a written report
Action: Al will add Eluna Reps to this chart
Al, 11/30:  Done - with commitment “1-2 hours per month (annual average, most work occurs during three cycles)”

5. Primo November Release to Primo Premium Sandbox

Release notes
No-PDS authentication supported in the release:

  • Nathan and Wade will start testing week after Thanksgiving
  • Other institutions might be able to test in late December
Also, non-proxied treatment of open access electronic resources is being introduced, and worth looking at / testing.

Check in PBO to see how this functionality applies or doesn’t apply proxy to open access materials

  • Auto expanded search results
  • Maximum renewal period in eshelf
  • Updates to Primo analytics
    • Scheduling reports
    • More data being collected (available in December)
    • No proxying open access resources (collection-level only)
    • Will be able to consortial NRs
6. Note:  Alma December release will be installed on Alliance sandboxes on Sunday, November 29 (Al)

Scheduled to include full resolution of time delay in opening Alma Resource Sharing/ Borrowing queue at some larger Alliance institutions.

Release Notes will be available on Sunday, November 29.