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Systems Team meeting minutes
Wade Guidry, University of Puget Sound
Al Cornish, Orbis Cascade Alliance
Bonnie Parks, University of Portland
Scot  Harrison, University of St. Martin”s
Rosalie Carlson, Reed College
Blake Galbreath, Eastern Oregon University
Alma November 2015 update
The team discussed the Alma November 2015 update, which rolled into production the weekend of November 7 and 8.
No major issues reported at this point.
One question was raised about Ex Libris possibly addressing a concern with use of the User V2 schema, wherein a patron”s expiration time (not the date, just the time) is determined by Alma, and may vary from load to load (4am, 6am, etc).
In Alliance SF case #170445, Ex Libris has indicated:
This issue has been given a tentative release for this quarter. I will update you if that changes or when there is a more definite release date.
That note is from Oct 12, 2015.

Proposed working group. Alliance Sandbox Testing Working Group

Al proposed a new working group, to operate under the Systems Team, as follows:
Membership:  Al as chair, will solicit volunteers for members (particularly from Systems representatives who haven't served on a team or group recently); as release testing groups are formed (for example, a group planned by the Technical Services Working Group), the Alliance Sandbox Working Group will work to establish a liaison relationship with these groups
Proposal will be reviewed by Policy & Coordination Team

  • High-level working group functions:
    • Provide support for use the Alliance Alma and Primo sandbox environments
      • Local documentation
      • Support for an active Alma sandbox environment refresh cycle (with fresh data)
      • Support for Alma sandbox anonymization process
      • Improve roles management in the environments
    • Determine if additional sandbox resources are necessary to meet testing needs (and document any recommendations in writing for Systems Team review)
Currently no formal management plan exists for the sandboxes. Proposal should be reviewed by the Policy Coordination team, since involves interactions with working groups affiliated with other teams. Al has identified potential Sys Reps who have not recently served on a team or group. Membership would likely be 5 - 6.  Wade will include in the Open Call for Thursday. Bonnie expressed interest in participating.
PSI meeting for November
The next PSI meeting with Ex Libris is scheduled for November 17.
PSIs have been submitted to Ex Libris (issues list). Al has not yet had a response.
One SF case trend was noted and discussed during the meeting.
Namely, there have been multiple cases where a high priority case is entered, acknowledged, but then falls off the list without indication why. Time-to-response for High and Normal seem to be the same. (Stated policy is that former is 1 day and latter 2 days.)

Next steps for ELUNA membership, collaborative voting process

Following the completion of the Primo and Alma enhancement cycles for 2015, it”s time to plan for next year, and propose any desired changes, to either the membership process or the voting process, to the Alliance Board.
Al proposes: Writing a short debriefing report for the Primo software ballot 2015 and then working directly with Wade on the proposal for Alliance Board of Directors consideration. No working group will be created to create the recommendation. 

From the 2015 proposal approved by the Alliance Board in January:  "Alliance staff will solicit input from enhancement voting teams and from institutions to determine whether institutional ELUNA membership for all was a success. Based on that feedback, this approach to ELUNA membership will either be continued for another year (or more), changed based on feedback provided, or discontinued."
Discussion - Concerns raised that votes spread across too many initiatives, diluting the vote. 70-30 split remains workable -- and seems unlikely that we would want to increase percentage of votes to Alliance recommendations.
Al stated he submitted 195 enhancement requests for the Alliance this year.
Al and Wade will work on this report and recommendations.
Summer Meeting 2016 Planning
Systems-oriented ideas for summer meeting were discussed, prior to team members completing a survey for the Summer Meeting 2016 planning committee.
Ideas brought up included:
  • Analytics -- Alma and Primo
  • Non-PDS logon
  • Primo 5
  • Toolkit WG -- hands-on
  • Alma and Primo enhancement process
  • EZProxy
  • Alma/Primo sandbox environments
  • Sales Force primer
  • Priority support issue process
DC Metadata Standards (from Ping Fu)
Ping Fu, Central Washington University, is currently participating in the Digital Content Joint Working Group (DC JWG) of the Content Creation & Dissemination (CCD) Team.
The working group has developed a draft Dublin Core Metadata Standards document for use within the Alliance.
Ping addressed the following message to Wade and the Systems Team, and will have an opportunity in the November 12, 2015 Open Systems Call to highlight this important work to the systems community.
I”m writing as the Representative from the  Systems Team to the Digital Content Joint Working Group (DC JWG) of the Content Creation & Dissemination (CCD) Team about the draft digital content metadata standards, available at https://www.orbiscascade.org/file_viewer.php?id=3171. We have these draft standards open for review until close of business on Wednesday, November 24.
I”d like to invite your Team to consider the draft standards between now and November 24. If you like, I could join you for some portion of your 11/12 or 11/18 of November meeting. Some questions you might consider:
  • How these proposed standards do or do not mesh with initiatives your Team or its Working Groups are engaged in.
  • Is it most important for us to create an input standard (that is, one that gives instructions on how you create metadata in your DAM or IR), an output standard (that is, one that gives instructions on what could be harvested from your DAM or IR), or both?
  • These standards are not currently framed as mandates. What is your opinion on that?
Some background on the standards: One of the findings of the Alliance”s IMLS National Leadership Grant was that having some rails around the Wild West of Dublin Core metadata was required for us to do anything with Alliance members” digital content (DPLA, aggregation in Primo, hosting digital content in Alma). The standards were first drafted at the end of the grant by a ‘dream team’ that included OSU”s Tom Johnson, who now works for DPLA. They were revisited this fall by some of the best metadata experts in the Alliance and revised since there have been some new developments since 2014. Although the standards are in alignment with the DPLA Metadata Application Profile, they do not presuppose DPLA participation. They are intended for metadata going forward; questions of retrospective cleanup will depend on what we are doing together (e.g. DPLA, Primo, Alma). They are in the end very simple—things like agreeing on what a date is and how to format it. Adopting them is the first step to fulfilling the CCD Team”s top-priority goal assigned by the Board: Aggregate Alliance digital content. We can”t do that (efficiently) without them!

The DC JWG will host webinars on November 13 at 10 AM PST and November 16 at 1 PM PST to discuss the draft standards. The webinars are not required, but often serve as a useful forum in which to discuss your questions and concerns. Here are the meeting credentials for those events:

Friday, Nov 13, 10 AM PST/11 AM MST
Monday, Nov 16, 1 PM PST/2 PM MST
We invite feedback from your Team at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/96F9TZK by close of business on Wednesday, November 24. We asked to form the DC JWG as a joint Working Group in order to ensure that we consulted with all relevant entities across the Alliance and avoided working in isolation. Thus, understanding how these standards mesh with the initiatives and concerns of other Teams is of prime importance.
The DC JWG will take the feedback received and, depending on what it is, make needed revisions in consultation with appropriate experts, seek additional feedback, or seek final approval. We will continue to communicate with CCD representatives on that process.

Ping Fu
Systems Team Representative to the Digital Content Joint Working Group
Ping Fu, MLIS
Associate Professor/Head of Library Technology Services
University Libraries
Central Washington University
Systems Team - November 24 scheduled meeting

Wade will not be in the office on November 24th, the next scheduled Systems team meeting. The Systems Team meeting will occur as scheduled with a guest chair.