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1. Summary of ELUNA meeting (participants who attended)
Nathan’s Summary:
ELUNA was OK. Last year I enjoyed it quite a bit, but this year not nearly as much. I think there are a few reasons for this:
Overall, I think the inclusion of Proquest customers/products in the meeting structure diluted the focus on Alma/Primo that I enjoyed last year. There were far fewer sessions on things people are doing with Alma and Primo, which was a disappointment.
ExL were very visible - they sent 87 staff to the conference. But their plenary sessions (there were 5 total) were far too much. It essentially felt like half of the conference was given over to their marketing team.
I'm not certain the direction that Ex Libris is heading is going to be good for libraries. They foresee saturating the library market within 2 years (Wade: I interpret this as “no more libraries to sell to”), and are beginning to position themselves now to move into *campus* solutions. They pay lip service to the centrality of libraries in this process - e.g. "extending the library further into campus" - but I'm not sure I buy it. I had a couple of conversations with high-level ExL people that make me think that they want to get into very non-library solutions, such as LMS', student management systems, etc.
I still think Alma and Primo are great products, and some of the updates are very compelling. And it's possible that the integration of some ProQuest components (the KB for Primo, for example) could be a real boon. But I think the library market is too small for this vendor.
That being said (pessimism aside!), there are some good developments forthcoming. The new Primo UI (they're not calling it Primo 5 anymore) has a great package manager feature that could really benefit the Alliance.
UStat embedded in Alma by end of calendar 2016
Primo Package Manager will make applying customizations to Primo much easier - supposedly in May release
Al’s comments:
Alma monthly releases calendared through calendar 2017.
Pushing to get more than -7 days testing prior to a monthly release.
One idea - fold consortial features into quarterly releases, rather than monthly.
Digital Format / Service in Alma - Not all customers have this available as part of their base contract; feature set has been available in production in Alma; Dublin Core support in Alma coming in August 2016 for digital format data
Network zone work continues - Al and Cassie met with Sharvit;
PSI meeting - ExL suggesting track-based approach to address development issues
On a related note, American Libraries cover story on ILS and discovery (Marshall Breeding); 55% of Alma migrations are from non-ExL customers; Ebsco investing in Kuali project as response to ExL success

Attended developers’ day pre-conference (http://el-una.org/meetings/eluna-2016/developersday/eluna-2016-developers-day-schedule/?ps-v=557  ) - API, new Primo UI
Primo X services - Boston College doing A/B testing - of possible application to the Alliance; lots of possibilities with this technology for the Alliance.
ETSU Resources Tool (Beta)- Based on Alma digital collection and Primo X-Services - http://libs.etsu.edu/sherrod/databases/#top
2. Call for Systems Team member nominations - closes Friday, May 13 (Wade)
Nominations for soon-to-be openings in each of the teams within the Alliance Team Structure are  now officially open.  By design, openings occur each year in all teams, including:
  • Content Creation and Dissemination Team
  • Collaborative Workforce Team
  • Discovery and Delivery Team
  • Shared Content Team
  • Systems Team
These team openings result from the expiring terms of current team members.
Team membership changeover will occur at the Summer 2016 meeting.
Deadline for nominations is Friday, May 13 at noon.
You can submit your nominations (self-nominations strongly encouraged) via the following online form:
If you have any questions, please contact the Program  Managers or Elizabeth Duell
3. Alliance IT Manager interviews
In-person interview of finalist candidate for Alliance IT Manager this week. Candidate will give a presentation, to which Systems Team members are invited, based on the following presentation request:
Orbis Cascade Alliance
IT Manager Candidate
In-person Presentation
As part of the in-person interview process, we would like you to present on the lifecycle of a technical project on which you have played a major role. The project could be a completed project, or an ongoing effort, and could be from your current or past employment. The selected project should include some examples of script or code for which you were the primary developer.

The presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes, and can include any combination of slides, handouts, or live demos that you would like to use. The presentation will take place in a meeting room equipped with a laptop, and connected projector display and Internet access. You are welcome to use your own laptop, if desired; If you’re a Mac user please bring the correct connection dongle.

The presentation should touch upon the following points:

• The problem or opportunity which the project was intended to address
• The process by which a solution was selected or designed
• The process by which the solution was tested, implemented, and supported
• The process by which success / failure was determined, and also the process by which changes or modifications were made.
• The role you played in the project
The audience for the presentation will include the search committee, and selected individuals from Alliance member institutions and the Alliance office.
Wade - to circulate interviewee’s application materials to team
4. Whitworth University update
On track for June 27 go-live.
OCLC reclamation project completed, loaded into Voyager, 035’s now accurate
3rd party integrations - going “OK” - close to loading patrons, issues are with Connexion and unwanted overlay of existing records; want to use SAML auth for both Primo and Alma. (Post-meeting note:  PDS will not be employed for Whitworth University Primo authentication.)
Megan Drake, formerly of Pacific University, is heavily involved with the Whitworth implementation.
5. Summer Meeting planning
Official Summer Meeting URL: https://www.orbiscascade.org/summer-meeting-2016/
Confirmed: For Tuesday, the meeting room is available for the entire day (Systems, DDT Hackathon).
6. Wade's last days
Wade's last day at University of Puget Sound is May 25.
Nathan Mealey will take over as Systems Team chair following the conclusion of the May 11 Open Systems call.