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  • via GoToMeeting
  • Wade Guidry, University of Puget Sound
  • Al Cornish, Alliance
  • Blake Galbreath, Eastern Oregon University
  • Bonnie Parks, University of Portland
  • Nathan Mealey, Portland State University
  • Rose Carlson, Reed College
  • Scot Harrison, St. Martin”s University
Agenda and Minutes
  • Action item review from the June 10 meeting
    • Wade, Bonnie, and Al will follow up on how to collaborate with Tech Services group:  Still pending
    • Al will ask Anya re ticket turnaround monitoring/reporting (re SLA WG): In progress; Al performed an analysis, about 10%, a significant level, of high priority cases are being first acknowledged by Ex Libris on the next business day 
    • Wade will contact Discovery and Delivery Team on Primo Customization Working Group collaboration: Wade reported that this work is going forward with Nathan Mealey as Chair and Megan Drake as liaison
    • Al will mount June 10 open call recording on Systems Team page: Completed
  • Team membership: Terms were set for Systems Team members and the online roster updated with this information
  • Updates on Alliance Summer Meeting
    • Team sessions
      • Implementing the updated user schema: Registered attendance, approximately 35
      • Introduction to UStat: Registered attendance, approximately 80
      • Integrating Alma for invoices, payments, and fines: Registered attendance, approximately 50
      • Ex Libris Developer Network update: Registered attendance, approximately 49 attendees; API instruction will be incorporated into this session
    • Ex Libris representation at the meeting:  Alma consultant John Larson, Tier I Support Manager Brian Noone
  • Agenda for Systems team and representatives meeting at the Summer Meeting
    • ACTION:  Wade will query the team and representatives community for agenda items
    • We will also have a spot on the meeting agenda for topics to be brought up at the meeting
      • Other topics of possible interest for the open meeting:
      • Discussion of general systems-related training areas
      • Discussion of systems-related document/information gaps
      • Discussion of biggest “pain points” for systems people
  • Updates on working groups
    • Alma Enhancements Working Group: Currently waiting to hear from ELUNA / IGeLU about next steps for Stage 2 voting
    • SLA Working Group:  Held an initial meeting to discussion charge and goals; a follow-up meeting scheduled to discuss specifics about monitoring of Alma/Primo with Nagios
    • Primo Toolkit Working Group: Working in coordination with the Discovery & Delivery Team leadership, this working group will go forward under the Systems Team umbrella, with Nathan Mealey as chair, and Megan Drake as DD liaison; working group charge will be finalized and posted to the Systems Team home page
      ACTION:  Nathan will recruit potential members via the sys-discussion listserv
    • Primo Enhancements Working Group: Teams are creating Alliance-level requests for submission to NERS; working group will need to be formed soon
  • Other related ongoing activities were discussed:
    • Analytics Center of Excellence
      Systems-related use-cases being sought, can be emailed to wguidry@pugetsound.edu
    • API Center of Excellence
      Systems-related use-cases being sought; can be emailed to acornish@orbiscascade.org