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1. Open Meeting Demo Topic
  • Approved Ideas:
    • GES & Display Logic Rules (ask Doris)
    • Analytics (Maria) (call numbers) (organization of shared documentation) (new canned reports) (new fields released)
    • How to Use APIs When You Don’t Have a Server (Tamara) (aka “Cheat via Developers Network”)
    • Norm Rules (Paul) (Alma - can someone suggest a topic?)
    • Primo New UI (Kun):
      • Switching facets
      • Loading/using packages
      • Changing your library logo
  • Other Ideas:
    • no-PDS (sort of, tailored for audience)
    • Setting up FTP servers for EDI in Alma
    • Call for additional topics
    • EZProxy setup and maintenance
    • New release-specific updates (as needed)
  • Topic for next meeting
    • In general, ask for ideas and feedback at 9/14 Open Call
      • Action: Blake will create a survey for Open Call
    • Export Search Results from Primo (PNX API), Convert JSON → CSV (Blake)
2. Alliance Primo Configuration Joint Working Group (Paul, Kun)
3. Identification of Systems Documentation that Needs to be Created and Posted in the Documentation Area (Stewart)
  • Example: Adding a library to Alma and Primo. CWU did this and requested help from Ex Libris in case 00315134.
  • Stewart doesn’t need any immediate help with page, but feel free to email him if you have any additions/comments for the documentation page.
  • Has made improvement, such as linking documentation page to Primo Toolkit. Hopes that Primo Toolkit will link back, etc.
  • “Embedding HTTPS” currently has instructions from Tamara. We could add Doug’s workaround as well. Also WSU Spokane has embedded LibGuides search box as workaround. It loses some functionality, but we might want to include anyway.
  • Action: Blake will provide WSU notes to Stewart.
4. Customizing the new UI (Kun)
  • Good doc on GitHub for New UI customization
  • Logo has a background in banner - therefore, doesn’t display very well
  • Lots of information being shared on Primo-L (and sometimes Alma-L); we should start collecting and organizing
5. IGeLU Information Report (Al)
  • Changes in Alma release schedule (Building on info socialized by Dana Bostrom last week)
    • Beginning in Jan 2017, we will have 2 weeks for testing before release
    • Alma release notes will contain sneak peeks for following release
    • Testing tool will be available for Alma Community (available to all Alma customers)
  • Phase out of storing passwords in Alma, internal accounts
    • Idea for this phase out result of ExLibris ISO certification
    • Phase out by Dec 2017 (with possible extension)
  • Possible strategies
    • OAuth (FB, Google, Twitter)
    • Use External Auth
    • Alliance cloud-based identity service
  • Alma enhancements process
    • All enhancements excluding those that made it to the second round, which were not developed, will be removed from the ballot
    • We need to re-evaluate how we submit enhancements, why some are receiving 0 votes. We need to implement better organization. Some enhancements are too narrow in scope (e.g., “boundwidth enhancement” only referenced OCLC - it should have referenced Australia organization as well)
    • Alma Product Working Group will most likely provide some training on submitting future enhancements
  • Primo configuration settings integrated into Alma
    • Action: Al will provide more detailed documentation
  • Ex Libris Developer Network updates
    • Many new Alma integrations (see “Webhooks”)
    • New APIs for jobs and sets
    • Alma support for real-time acquisitions (YBP GOBI, ProQuest Oasis)