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  • Wade Guidry, University of Puget Sound
  • Al Cornish, Alliance
  • Blake Galbreath, Eastern Oregon University
  • Bonnie Parks, University of Portland
  • Nathan Mealey, Portland State University
  • Rose Carlson, Reed College
  • Scot Harrison, St. Martin”s University

Agenda and Minutes

  • Action Items from last meeting

    Possible listserv combination recommendation

    Wade followed up on an issue that came up about listserv membership, and whether it might be worth recommending the combining of any of the lists.

    Wade examined the rosters of the individual lists, and also the relative size of the lists, which currently stand as:

    disc-discussion = 121 members
    dd-community = 339 members
    sys-discussion = 69 members
    cwt-tsdisc = 258 members
    It appears that, while many users are members of multiple lists, the list rosters are different enough that combining any of the lists does not seem possible.

    Possible re-institution of an institutional leads list

    At the Summer Meeting, in the Open Systems session, the idea of re-instituting an institutional SILS leads list was brought up. Such a list does not currently exist. The loss of this list was seen by some as a step back, as the list provided the opportunity for higher level discussion and issue notification among the set of institutional leads.

    It was determined that this idea should be floated to the other teams, in the context of the Policy and Coordination Meeting. Wade agreed to bring this topic up at the next Policy and Coordination Meeting.

    Index or listing of Systems-related documentation

    At the Summer Meeting open session, it was also brought up that the community sometimes had difficulty discovering or re-discovering documentation that had been previously circulated via the former generation of listservs.

    Wade and Al have been working to post links to such documents on the Systems Team home page, at: https://www.orbiscascade.org/systems-1/, on the ‘Documents and Minutes’ tab.

    Providing feedback to CWG about Systems-related training needs

    Wade, Bonnie Al and Blake are going to meet in the next few weeks to map out a set of training needs to share with CWG.

    Wade will organize the meeting.

  • Soliciting issues/Salesforce cases for the next Priority Support Issues meeting

    Alliance representatives now meet monthly with Brian Noone to review priority and troublesome Salesforce cases. The need to collect such cases from the systems community was highlighted. Wade will issue a request to the sys-discussion list to send candidate cases directly to him via email by EOD 7/30.

  • Selection of Primo Toolkit Working Group members is currently underway

    A strong set of nominees has been collected. Nathan, Wade and Megan will meet the week of August 3 to determine the final Working Group members.

  • Update on Alma Enhancements Voting Round 2

    Wade reviewed the activity around Round 2 of Alma Enhancement Voting. He stated that the Alma Enhancements Working Group recommendation would be issued by no later that Friday, July 31.

  • Update on Primo Enhancements Submission|

    Al provided an update on the activities around Primo Enhancements voting. He has been collecting and submitting Alliance-level Primo enhancements to NERS. Institutions have until July 31 to submit any institution-level enhancement requests.

  • Alma August Release and Testing

    The Alma August 2015 release is scheduled to go into production on August 2. Items in the new release that are of interest to the systems community include:

    -CAS single sign-on will be incorporated into Alma (as an integration)
    -Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) upgrade

  • Upcoming Meetings

    Next Systems Team meeting: Tuesday, August 11th @ 11am
    Next Systems Open call: Wednesday, August 12th @ 1pm