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1. Lead needed for Alliance Alma Enhancements Working Group 2016
Wade expressed a desire for a new person to take up the chair for the Alma Enhancements Working Group this year.
Bonnie Parks tentatively volunteered to become chair, pending approval by her institution.
Blake Galbreath tentatively volunteered to serve as chair, if Bonnie is not available.
2. Lead needed for SLA working group (unless we disband it as unnecessary, as it may be duplicative with the PSI issues meeting)
Wade suggested a new chair take over the SLA working group, if the team felt an SLA working group was still warranted.
After some discussion, the team agreed to drop the SLA working group, basing the decision on the availability of the PSI process as a mechanism for addressing Alma / Primo performance issues, and the general improvements in overall Alma / Primo uptime that have occurred in the past year.
WSU will continue running Nagios for its own local analyses, and if conditions warrant, the team can revisit the need for deeper performance and availability analysis.
3. Primo no-PDS authentication
Wade and Nathan continue testing the new no-PDS authentication mechanism, but have not yet moved the mechanism to production. Both Wade and Nathan intend to move the new authentication mechanism into production in their respective institutions soon. And no-PDS authentication will be discussed at the next Systems open call. In addition, Wade will solicit a volunteer institution to conduct LDAP testing with no-PDS authentication in the institution’s Primo sandbox.
4. Alma usability
Al discussed recent developments in the ongoing dialog about Alma usability / ergonomics between ELUNA and Ex Libris.
5. Alma digital format and short demonstration of use
Al provided a short demo of some of the new digital collections features, available now in Alma, with support in Primo coming with the Primo February release.
6. Ebscohost link resolver “helper” functionality (from Alma January 2016 release)

The need to activate this feature at the Alliance network level, before it can be utilized at the institutional level, was discussed. Wade is currently working with Kathi to make this happen.