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Systems Team Meeting
January 12, 2016

Summary of the ALA Midwinter meeting (Al)
Risk and opportunity of collapsing ILS / knowledgebase vendor eco-system
Expectation that ProQuest contribution will be data / kb provider and ExL will focus on software dev / mgmt
News about a previous vendor: Millennium is end-of-life. III might be negotiating with Florida-based academic consortium to use Sierra. Adoption by some consortia of Sierra is good news, in that it ensures some level of competition for Ex Libris.
Coming (Alma May, 2016 release) - opt-in ability for Primo customers at institutions to contribute user-anonymized clickstream data to the bxRecommender service
Alma digital support updates from ALA
Phase II implementation is coming (special collections and digital objects natively stored and managed in Alma)
Data import options are marc21 and csv
Dublin Core import capability (2nd ½ of calendar 2016)
Primo digital support tied to Primo February 2016 release, which won’t immediately go into Alliance production
Supports audio / video
Future support in analytics for digital objects use
Priority Support Issues channel update (Al)
Ongoing challenges with NA support communicating with development
ExL will hire senior support person for NA support that will work out of Israel (expected start date in March 2016)
Alma Product working group priorities (ELUNA)
Alma ergonomics
Better management and understanding of “Pending Work plan” status in SalesForce
New Primo 5 UX - ability to test with institutional data, May 2016; general release - August 2016
Alliance IT Manager search (Al)
Al will chair the search committee; Wade as Systems Team chair will participate on the committee.
Job description has not yet been published. Job will include new SILS support role (about 30% of the position)
Timeline - Target Start date - end of February, 2015

Other topics:
Primo no-PDS authentication still undergoing testing; we’re awaiting an injection fix in the Primo Premium Sandbox environment on Jan 17.
Wade is currently investigating how to implement / enable the new EBSCO link validity check, a feature that is part of the Alma Jan 2016 release.
The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing the status report and goals update document, to be presented by Wade and Al to the Alliance board in mid-Feb.